How to win a house worth millions for £10

Top seven things to know before you enter the Omaze Million Pound House Draw.

Omaze UK offers people the chance to win life-changing prizes, while raising funds for some of the UK’s best loved charities. Previous prizes have included a brand new Aston Martin, £100,000 in cash and a luxury house overlooking Lake Windermere worth £3,000,000. You’ve probably seen the adverts showcasing these ridiculous ‘too good to be true’ prizes that could quite literally change your life. You might be thinking that something doesn’t quite add up.

So, how does Omaze work? How much goes to charity? And can you really win a house worth millions of pounds for as little as £10? Here are the top seven things you should know about the Omaze Million pound House Draw.

1. Someone is Guaranteed to Win the House

There’s a guaranteed winner for the house and every other prize. And that’s not all. We’ll throw in a big cash prize for our Grand Prize Winner to help them get settled. In 2021, we gave away thousands of prizes, including three multi-million pound houses. Plus, we raised over £3,000,000 for our charity partners. It really is a win:win.

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2. Everyone Can Enter for a Chance to Win

Catherine Carwardine and husband  winner of the Windemere Omaze House

Well… almost everyone. If you are over 18 years of age and a UK resident, you can buy entries to one of our draws for as little as £10 and have a chance to win incredible prizes, like a multi-million pound house. You can also enter by post. Look out for special offers too, like the chance to enter two house draws for the price of one. 

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3. You Have the Chance to Win Other Big Prizes

Depending on when you enter, there are loads of Early Bird Prizes up for grabs too, including luxury cars and huge cash prizes. You only have to enter each house draw once to be in with a chance of winning. Check the Experience Rules for exact dates but, basically, the sooner you enter, the more prizes you’ll have the chance to win. 

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4. You Can Do Whatever You Want With the House

Grand Prize Winners are free to do with the house as they wish. There’s no mortgage, no stamp duty or conveyancing to pay. And remember, the house comes fully furnished and with a cash prize to help them settle in. The winner could move in and live the dream, rent out the property and live their best life, or sell up and walk away a multi-millionaire. 

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5. This is How You’ll Know if You’ve Won

When you buy entries, a unique Entry Code is generated and securely logged in the draw database. On the day of the Grand Prize Draw, if your Entry Code is drawn as the Winning Entry Code, our team will give you a call and then quite literally come and knock on your door if you’re home. All you have to do is enter and then sit tight and we’ll come and find you. It’s as simple as that!

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6. You Will Make a Difference When You Enter

When you enter one of our draws, whether you win a prize or not, you will definitely make a difference. Because at the end of each draw, we give away 80% of the net proceeds to our charity partner.The Omaze Million Pound House Draw guarantees a minimum £100,000 donation to our charity partners no matter what happens but together, we usually raise a lot more. 

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Ascot Omaze Winner with Omaze UK and Cancer Research UK

We’ve given away thousands of prizes, including luxury cars, multi-million pound houses and huge cash prizes. Plus, we’ve raised millions of pounds for UK charities. It’s what we call a win:win. It’s hard to keep track of how many lives we’ve changed. But one thing we know is that it wouldn’t be possible without our community. £10 might not feel like a lot but together, we can make a huge impact. 

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