Darren’s Story

I got my inner strength from my faith.” - Darren 

 Man supported by the British Heart Foundation

Darren used to be big into his fitness: weight training, running, biking, lots of sport. In 2015, he noticed a slump – tests and scans were done and a heart condition was found – amyloidosis. “It can affect any part of your body, any organ,” said Darren. “It affected my heart. Once it affects an organ it makes it ineffective.” Darren was a prison officer and used to working long hours. Because of the condition he had to stop work. Before the transplant, he had several cardiac arrests and spent much time in hospital – his heart just wasn’t pumping effectively. It was an emotional time and Darren says he kept breaking down.  
Darren had a heart transplant in late 2018. The transplant operation went well and he began a long recovery. A year after the operation, Darren said: “I got my inner strength from my faith. It has been a year now. It’s crazy. It’s an ongoing journey.” The heart has settled in well to his body, no rejection and his medication is slowly being cut down. In early 2020, as coronavirus became a threat, Darren began shielding in the house and his garden. 
He and his wife painted and fixed up the house. He did lots of exercise in his garden. He has been very careful since June, keeping his distance from others as much as possible and limiting his time outside his home. It’s now been two years since his transplant, and he says his health and heart are doing really well. Unfortunately, Covid-19 has also had a devastating impact on the work the BHF does. They have already had to cut their research in half, and now they urgently need your support to keep up the pace of progress.
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