We have a revolutionary approach to fundraising. An approach that can enable people to change the world, and to change their lives too.

We call it ‘Win:Win’. And guess what. It’s working.

Launched in the US in 2012, Omaze has since raised more than £115,000,000 for over 400 charities worldwide.

Now we’re here in the UK, fundraising in partnership with some of the biggest and most loved British charities. We’ve raised £250,000 for Teenage Cancer Trust, £500,000 for The Prince’s Trust, £1,000,000 for the British Heart Foundation and £1,000,000 for the NSPCC’s Childline.

And at the same time, we’ve made four new multi-millionaires. Our next one really could be you.

Our Story

Our Story Our Story

Our Story

Omaze started when our Co-Founders, Matt [pictured] and Ryan, were coming home from an exclusive charity fundraising auction. The top bid of $15,000 won court side tickets to watch a basketball game with their idol, Magic Johnson.

Two things occurred to them: why should these amazing experiences only go to the highest bidder? And how could such an epic prize only raise $15,000 for charity? Imagine if we made these opportunities available online and gave everyone the chance to win. It would mean many more people could participate, and a lot more money would be raised for charity.

Soon, the idea took on a life of its own and before long, Omaze was born.

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Our Winners

Our Winners Our Winners

Our Winners

Can you imagine what it’s like to become a multi-millionaire overnight?

That’s what happened to Becca P. from Leyton. She paid £25 to enter the Ascot House Draw and now she’s the owner of an incredible £3,500,000 house just an hour from London.

Becca said, “It’s completely mind-blowing. You do feel like you’re in a dream… whatever we decide to do now, we’re pretty much set for life”.

And Darren W. from Bath. He’s now the proud owner of a Cotswolds forever home worth £2,500,000.

“It’s a dream come true,’ Darren told us.

And that’s what Omaze is all about. Since we launched in the UK, we’ve made dreams come true for so many people. We’ve given away multi-million-pound houses, incredible supercars and best of all, we’ve donated millions of pounds to some of the UK’s biggest charities. Because when we come together to make a better world, everyone’s a winner.

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