Frequently Asked Questions

Entering the Draw

Is there a limit to how many entries I can buy?

There is no limit but we encourage and support responsible participation at all times.

I’m not a UK citizen. Can I enter?

The Promotion is open to entrants who are at least 18 years of age and resident in the United Kingdom.

Winning a Prize

How will you contact me if I’ve won a prize?

We always notify our winners by email. Be sure to add us to your contacts or safe sender list, so you don't miss an important email from us and check your spam folder just in case.

When and how will I know if I have won the house?

On 20th November 2020, Civica Independent Scrutineers will announce a winner drawn at random using an automated computer programme. The winner will then be contacted by email.

How will I know if I’ve won the £1,000 Weekly Cash Draw or Early Bird Prizes?

We announce the winning Entry Code every Friday at 5pm on Our Winners page and on social media. We’ll also contact the winner directly by email.

What’s an Entry Code?

When you buy entries to the Omaze Million Pound House Draw, that purchase is automatically assigned an Entry Code. It’s a 13 digit unique number that links to your transaction.

How are winners drawn?

When you buy entries, a unique Entry Code is generated and securely logged in the draw database. The more entries you buy, the more times it is logged. For example, if you buy 15 entries, it will be logged 15 times, increasing the chance of it being drawn for a prize. If you entered by post, each individual entry is coded and entered into the draw database.

Does Omaze draw the winners?

No. The winners are drawn by a highly respected and independent scrutineer called Civica. Civica specialises in auditing competitions to make sure they are run fairly and has an unrivalled reputation for integrity and quality.

Where can I find my Entry Code?

If you bought your entries online, you can find your Entry Code in your confirmation email. You can also find your Entry Code next to your purchase details in Your Account at Unfortunately, we cannot provide codes for postal entries as they are handled by our independent draw scrutineers, Civica - but rest assured that they are entered into the same draw database and have exactly the same chance of being picked to win.

There used to be 3 Early Bird Prizes and now there are 4. Why?

We added in an extra Early Bird Prize to give you more prizes to win by entering early. The extra Early Bird, a MINI Electric Cooper S, was drawn first on 5th June. Anyone who entered the draw before 29th May was in with a chance to win it and all the other Early Bird Prizes, as well as the Million Pound House.

If I win an Early Bird Prize can I still win the house?

Yes. Even if you win an Early Bird Prize you’re still entered into the Grand Prize Draw at the end of the competition.

If I win a weekly cash prize can I still win the house?

Yes. Even if you win a £1,000 in the Weekly Cash Prize Draw, you’re still entered into the Grand Prize Draw at the end of the competition.

Will someone definitely win the house?

Yes. There will be a guaranteed winner for the Omaze Million Pound House Draw announced on 20th November 2020.

What if you don’t sell enough tickets?

We've guaranteed a minimum £70,000 donation to the charity no matter what happens and a guaranteed winner for the Million Pound House, as well as all of the other prizes.

What are the odds of winning the house?

The odds of winning depend on the number of entries received.

Account Creation

Why create an account?

Creating an account will allow you to view your purchase details and find your Entry Code. You can also find your Entry Code in your confirmation email.

If I’ve entered the draw doesn’t this mean I have an account?

No. You do not automatically receive an account when you buy entries. You need to go through the signup process. You can do this at the check-out or afterwards, here.

If I didn’t sign up for an account at the check-out, can I sign up now?

Yes. Just go to here and click ‘create account’. Just make sure you use the same email address that you gave when you purchased the entries.

Do I have to have an Omaze account to win a prize?

No. We contact all our winners directly by email. You only need an account if you'd like to check your purchase details or Entry Code. Your Entry Code can also be found in your purchase confirmation email.

The House

Can I sell the house if I don’t want to move in?

Yes. The winner will be free to do with the house what they wish: it will be theirs to live in, rent out or sell.

Is the house furnished?

No. The house has been dressed to show you what it could be like but the furniture and appliances are not included.

Can I see a floor plan of the house?

Of course! Head to the homepage to see a floor plan.

How much does it cost to run the house?

We’re providing £10,000 to the winner to cover the first year's Council Tax, Electric and Gas, Gardner and anything else you fancy to get you settled.

Where exactly is the house located?

The house is located in Ramillies Avenue, Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire; approximately 10 miles South of Manchester City Centre.

Do you cover Stamp Duty (UK house purchase tax)?

Yes. We cover Stamp Duty irrespective of the winner's circumstances.

What about legal fees?

We cover all reasonable legal costs to complete the transfer of the house to the winner.

Teenage Cancer Trust

What is the fundraising target?

With your help, we'd love to be able to donate over £2,000,000 to Teenage Cancer Trust. Right now, our best estimate is that we’ll be able to donate around £400,000. No matter what happens though, we’ve guaranteed £70,000 to our charity partner, along with the benefit of the increased awareness that our campaign will bring.

Why not just give the charity a million pounds?

In a word: sustainability. Simply giving away money means that we won’t be a sustainable fundraising platform that, to date, has generated over £100m for charity. But most importantly, it means that our charity partners miss out on the unique and long-term benefits of our partnership. This isn’t just about money, it’s about raising awareness for the work that charities are doing across the country. We want to create a community that’s inspired to support our charity partners in new and exciting ways now and in the future.

How will the donation be used by Teenage Cancer Trust?

By way of example, £2,600,000 would pay for the total running costs of all services in the North West for two years; £700,000 would pay for the total running costs of all services in Greater Manchester for one year; £400,000 would fund the total running costs of all the Teenage Cancer Trust wards in Greater Manchester; £70,000 will fund 2,000 hours of specialist nursing care.


Is the house in the photos the actual house that will be won?

Yes. The house shown in the photos is the exact house that will be won.

Is Omaze a charity?

No. We're an online fundraising platform that helps charities reach their fundraising goals.

How much goes to charity?

We donate 80% of the net proceeds to our charity partner.

What is a fundraising platform, and how is it different to a charity?

Being a fundraising platform means: we attract top talent to work on our campaigns; we can mobilise quickly; and we can reach a bigger audience. This all amounts to us raising more money, faster. Also, because we’re exploring new ways of fundraising, we’re complementing, not competing with the charities’ existing fundraising sources. We’re raising additional funds and awareness for their cause by using the power of the internet to crowd fund significant new sources of funding that charities would not otherwise reach. We can do this because we’re not a charity, we're a company whose business is to raise funds for good causes. To date, we’ve raised over £100 million for charities worldwide.

Does it cost the charity anything to partner with you?

No. There are no costs and no risks for the charity. For the Million Pound House Draw, there’s a guaranteed winner of the house and all the other prizes, and a guaranteed minimum £70,000 donation to the charity no matter what.

Which UK charities has Omaze worked with in the past?

To date, Omaze has raised over £4 Million for UK charities, including: Julia’s House, Great Ormond Street Hospital, Movember Foundation UK, Prince's Trust, Royal College of Nursing Foundation, We Love Manchester, Emergency Fund / British Red Cross, Meat Free Mondays, Royal Mencap Society, War Child UK, MIND UK, The Old Vic Theatre, and UNICEF UK.

Which celebrities has Omaze partnered with in the past?

We work with everyone from Michelle Obama to Robert Downey Jr to John Legend - they trust us with their reputations. Trust is integral to everything we do. Here are a few of the celebrities who have partnered with us in the past: Emily Blunt, Hugh Grant, Idris Elba, Daniel Craig, Benedict Cumberbatch, Emilia Clarke, Ringo Starr, Tom Hiddleston, Daisy Ridley, Naomie Harris, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Cast of The Crown, Lewis Hamilton, Florence and the Machine, Sam Heughan, HAIM, Mumford & Sons, Cast of Downton Abbey, The Who, James Corden, John Oliver, and Luke Evans.