Hollie's Story

On the outside, Hollie looked like a happy confident child. But inside, Hollie was battling silently with anxiety and depression. Often, she’d come home from school, collapse and cry.


Following an epilepsy diagnosis at the age of 12, Hollie had her first panic attack. From there, her life began to spiral. She stopped seeing friends, dropped out of school and shut herself off from the world:


‘I started having meltdowns where I would scream really loudly and bang my head against the wall. If my mum tried to stop me, I’d push her away, punch and kick her.’



For years, Hollie’s health continued to deteriorate until she was finally admitted to Maudsley Hospital in London. It was there that she tried to take her own life.


‘I’d had suicidal thoughts before, but I’d never tried to do anything. They put me in a secure room, and I asked if I could have my phone. That was the first time I called Childline.’


The Childline counsellor helped Hollie to remember the things she cared about. Her dog. Her friends. The family that loved her.


‘That chat stopped me from going back to my room and trying to kill myself again.’


With ongoing medical attention and care from her family, Hollie’s health gradually improved. She still struggled to talk to people, but she knew she could always talk to Childline.


In time Hollie was able to return to school where she completed her GCSEs, a level 3 diploma and she then gained a place at university to study Graphic Design. 

‘All the things I told Childline I wanted to do. I even went on holiday with my friends and of course Boris the dog is with me every day.’


Hollie is just one of the thousands of young people who have been helped by the NSPCC’s Childline. They help to give so many children a voice when they feel no one else is listening.  And when you enter the Omaze Million Pound House Draw, Devon, you’ll be helping us provide vital support to this incredible charity. Plus, you’ll get the chance to win a coastal home worth over £3,000,000.


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