Meet the Team


She’s our go-to guru for all things customer support related and her ability to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside rivals the qualities of a Pixar animated film. In fact, she has so much charisma that Julia Roberts once asked her for tips on how to be more likeable. (Side note to Julia Roberts: Amal can’t share her secrets with just anyone, Julia. You’ve got to put the hours in. You’ve got to form a bond, build a professional relationship, be subtle. Maybe set up a series of interviews with Team Omaze to make it look legit. Then, just when she’s comfortable answering some unsuspecting questions about her day-to-day working life, casually enquire about the secret to her success). Anyway, we catch up with Amal to find out some very general information about what she does professionally with absolutely no agenda whatsoever.


What’s your role at Omaze?

I support customers through our email channel and online store.


What does a typical Omaze day look like for you?

A typical day involves handling a range of customer queries, all while making sure each customer gets the best possible experience. Every day is a little different, some days I’m hunting down account details, other days I'm replying to heartfelt messages from the amazing Omaze supporters!


What attracted you to Omaze?

I love working with start-ups and more innovative companies and Omaze definitely fits the bill. The fact that Omaze raises money for such necessary causes, all while giving back to its supporters is awesome frankly!


Can you tell us something about yourself to help us get to know you?

I’m obsessed with astrology and learning more about what makes people tick.


...and that's how it's done (you're welcome, Julia). Thanks, Amal!


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