Meet The Team: Brendan

When he’s not writing, he’s dreaming up what to write next.

Our go-to creator of content, Brendan’s here to chronicle the incredible things that happen every day at Omaze UK and to make sure our success story is properly punctuated (a task made more challenging when his cat Tallulah tramples all over his laptop. “Does she think she can do better?” he wonders). We speak to Brendan to find out how he keeps his cool in challenging situations like this:


What’s your role at Omaze?

I'm a Copy Consultant. So I spend my day writing web copy, blogs, emails and film scripts for TV and social media.


What does a typical Omaze day look like for you?

There is no typical Omaze day! One minute someone’s winning a multi-million-pound house, the next we’re making massive donations to charity; and I get to write about it.

Everything moves so fast that you’re not really sure what you’ll be doing until you’re doing it!


What’s your favourite part of working at Omaze?

I love visiting the houses that we give away in the Million Pound House Draw. I get to wander around, imagining what it would be like to live in such incredible places. But it does make me realise how tiny my flat is when I get home! 


What attracted you to Omaze?

I’ve got loads of experience making TV and social media ads for charities and I’ve been involved in fundraising for nearly 20 years. Omaze offers charities an incredibly effective way of raising funds and awareness. It can introduce the work they do to such a wide audience and can really make a difference. I’ve seen how hard the pandemic has been on charities with regards to their income and how that can restrict the services they offer. So, the work Omaze does is more vital than ever. 


Tell us something about yourself...

Alongside being a writer, I direct film shoots and have spent lots of time in Africa and Asia documenting projects that really do change lives. I run, swim and cycle as much as my bad back will allow and can’t wait to travel again once restrictions are lifted (hopefully lockdown will be a distant memory by the time you read this!). I live in North London with my partner and two cats. One of which is now sitting on my computer, so I can type no longer. Thanks Tallulah. Thanks a lot. 


That’s, Brendan! You can meet some of the other incredible members of the Omaze team and find out how they help make the magic happen.