Meet the Team


She has a penchant for nautical stripes and she's so efficient that the UN once asked her to become a new renewable energy source and single-handedly save the planet. But she can't. She's too busy spreading joy across the Omaze community through the lost art of email. That's what she told us at least. But then, that's what a secret superhero would say. Isn't that right, Gab (if that is even your real name)?


What’s your role at Omaze?

I’m responsible for customer marketing communications, with our primary communication channel being 'email'. I’m also working on some of the direct marketing activities such as our door drops.  


What does a typical Omaze day look like for you?

I’m setting up the email system capabilities, defining the CRM plan, and making sure that our customers and prospects are given a warm Omaze welcome and on-boarding experience. That includes creating regular email updates on our weekly winners and our upcoming prize draws and offers.


What attracted you to Omaze?

Being involved in a startup is such a unique and fantastic opportunity - being able to influence a new organisation’s strategy from the very beginning, in a small committed team, is a real treat! And what a lovely team it is - everyone has a voice and can really make a difference which is the beauty of a small team. I have wanted to get involved in the charity sector for a while, and the Omaze business model appeals as a variety of worthwhile charities will benefit greatly over the upcoming months from the money raised from these prize draws.


Tell us something about yourself... like... when you're off saving the world, what do you use as an alibi?

I worked in Japan for a couple of years after university, which inspired my passion for adventurous travel and general wanderlust. Happily for me, I fell into Direct Marketing on my return to the UK, and then worked for several household consumer brands. I’m still always looking to quench my thirst for travelling though, and am often found daydreaming about where I can visit with my family next!


Sure... "travelling". Your secret is safe with us. Thanks, Gab!

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