Meet the Team


He runs the show internationally speaking, but how is he so zen and why is his hair always on point in any given situation? We check in with our main man to discover what it takes to captain the Omaze International ship with such finesse.


What’s your role at Omaze?

I look after all things Omaze outside of the US and play a role in steering the wider company as a member of the executive team.


What does a typical Omaze day look like for you?

My working day tends to tilt towards starting later and finishing later so that I can overlap with the team in LA. However, having two young boys also ensures that I am always up bright and early (!), so during the week my family time is in the morning and I usually take at least one of them to nursery/school on my way into the office. There really is no typical day when you are moving as fast as we do but the morning is often about catching up with the team, setting up meetings, and getting to inbox zero. Afternoons... I am often meeting with charity partners, and doing all the nitty-gritty involved in getting one of our incredible fundraising campaigns ready to go - sourcing prizes, lining up celebrities, working on contracts and preparing marketing. Early-evening... I'm usually in meetings with the LA team discussing the day-to-day of running a fast-moving startup, learning how our many campaigns are performing, and planning how to get better.


"Omaze changes lives. Incredible charities gain an entirely new source of funding and new levels of awareness." James, SVP Omaze International 


What attracted you to Omaze?

Omaze changes lives. Incredible charities gain an entirely new source of funding and new levels of awareness. Regular people have their lives changed by winning unbelievable experiences and prizes. Everyone at Omaze burns to raise more and change more lives - that's a pretty cool combination!


Tell us something about yourself... like... I don't know... what's your haircare regime, for example (just a suggestion)?

I started out as an economist, then worked in finance, before building and selling a startup. After that, I worked in corporate development and made investments, including in Omaze in 2017, that ultimately led to me joining the team full-time in May 2019.


I guess those haircare tips are a family secret. Thanks for nothing, James.


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