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She's the go-to creator of content for Omaze UK and channels her inner Davina to interview our weekly winners, but does she really possess post-it notes in every colour and how many Sharpie pens does one woman need? We speak to Kat to find out just how awkward it is to write about yourself in the third person.


What’s your role at Omaze?

I look after everything related to content, including web copy, blogs, interviews etc. In fact, I'm interviewing myself right now.


" be able to give away a prize like a house worth a million pounds… it really will change somebody’s life."

Kat, Content Marketing Consultant


What does a typical Omaze day look like for you?

The great thing about this job is that no two days are the same; even greater is that I get to write every day. I might be drafting new copy for the website or writing a blog from a series we’ve created. For example, for the Million Pound House Draw, we have a blog series called Welcome Home. This series shows readers areas of the house in more detail. Summoning my inner estate agent is an easy job when you’re looking at photos of that incredible property! I also help out Suze and Gab with social posts and email copy and together we create the content plan for the month ahead. There's room to be creative and pitch ideas too. I always keep a little time free for last minute ideas from the team that need some copy. But that’s what I love about working with Omaze. Everyone has a can-do attitude and nobody is afraid to ask for help and feedback or pitch an idea. Everyone has a different skill set and so comes at ideas from a different angle. That’s what makes it so creative. Without a doubt, the favourite part of my week is speaking to winners and writing up the interviews. With the £1,000 Weekly Cash Draw, I’m always so intrigued to find out how they’ll spend the money. It’s good for my soul to be able to give people nothing but good news. 


What attracted you to Omaze?

I think it’s an incredibly innovative idea. I’m excited to be part of something that’s not only breaking conventions in the charity sector by finding new sources of funding for charities online, but it's using storytelling to do it. And to be able to give away a prize like a house worth a million pounds… it really will change somebody’s life. I think what I love most is the idea of community. Everyone puts a little bit in and it creates this abundance of support for an incredible cause. I think the awareness raised through these campaigns will have a long-lasting impact too, so it’s sustainable.


Tell us something about yourself...

I’m married and I live in London but I’m originally from Wiltshire. I trained as an actor back in the day but fell out of love with that and started writing for theatre instead. When I’m not working with Omaze, you’ll find me writing plays. I also love catching up with friends and family and travelling. Fingers crossed that it’s not too long until we can do that again (If you’re reading this in the future I sincerely hope you have no idea what I’m talking about).


Wow. That's brand new information. Thanks, Kat!


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