Discover Pantosaurus and the Power of PANTS!

Our incredible charity partner, the NSPCC, have just published a brilliant new storybook called Pantosaurus and the Power of PANTS!  Below, Senior Marketing Officer Kristina Stephens from the NSPCC tells us more about the book, the wider campaign, and explains why talking PANTS can change a child’s life.


What is the Talk PANTS campaign?

It’s a campaign that aims to give adults tools and advice on how to talk to children about sexual abuse in an age-appropriate way, without using any scary words or even mentioning sex. 


What does PANTS stand for?

From P through to S, each letter provides a simple but important message that can help keep children safe. It stands for:


Privates are Privates


Always remember your body belongs to you


No means no


Talk about secrets that upset you


Speak up, someone can help


We’ve already helped to make over 950,000 children safer through talking PANTS.  And with the help of our friendly dinosaur, Pantosaurus, it can be roarsome fun too!


So, who is Pantosaurus?!


He’s a friendly pants-wearing dinosaur, who helps to introduce the PANTS rules to children in a fun way. And now he’s the star of his own picture book! It’s a fun and colourful story that will help families and schools have simple conversations to help keep children safe from abuse.


How can people support Talk PANTS?


You can buy the Pantosaurus storybook for the children in your life. All profits from the sale of the book will help the NSPCC protect more children. And your kids will love it!


Thanks Kristina for telling us about this incredible campaign. Omaze are so proud to support the NSPCC!


If you’d like to buy Pantosaurus and the power of PANTS, you can find it here.


Another way to help protect children from abuse is by entering the Omaze Million Pound House Draw, Devon. That’s because we’ll be donating 80% of the net proceeds from the draw to the NSPCC’s Childline. The money raised will help Childline counsellors answer more calls and change the lives of more young people.


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