Learn More About Our Early Bird Prize Draws

When you enter the Omaze Million Pound House Draw early, you have the chance to win additional prizes called Early Bird Prizes. Each one of our House Draws has several incredible Early Bird Prizes to offer and one of them could be yours simply because you entered the draw early

Well… what are the prizes? How early is early? Don’t I have to buy extra entries?... and if I win one, does this mean I can’t win the house? We hear you. We’re aware our Early Bird Prizes, while spectacular, can throw up a few questions. So, let’s take a look.


1. Enter Before the Early Bird Deadline

Each Early Bird Prize has its own deadline within the House Draw. All you have to do is make sure that you enter the House Draw before that deadline and you’ll be automatically entered to win that Early Bird.

Question: Where can I find the Early Bird deadlines for each House Draw?

Answer: Check out the Experience Rules for online and postal entry deadlines. 


2. Once You’re in, You’re in

Once you’ve entered a House Draw, you’ll not only be entered to win the next Early Bird, you’ll also be entered for a chance to win every Early Bird from that point onwards. 

Question: What prizes can I win?

Answer: We’ve given away some incredible Early Bird Prizes already, including £100,000 in cash, a  Porsche Taycan and an Audi e-tron. Take a look at our live House Draws to see what’s up for grabs. 


3. You Can Still Win the House

Obviously, you entered the draw to win the Grand Prize and we wouldn’t steal that dream away from you. That’s why, even if you win an Early Bird Prize, you can still win the house. 

Question: If I win a prize, how will I be contacted? 

Answer: A member of the Omaze team will email you.


4. You Don’t Need to Enter a Separate Draw

You don’t have to enter a separate draw to win an Early Bird Prize. Just enter the main House Draw before the Early Bird deadline and you’re automatically eligible to win.

Question: Why enter more than once then?

Answer: The more entries you have, the more chances you have to win. And most importantly, you’ll be helping us raise even more vital funds for our charity partners. 


5. Make Sure You’re Entering the Right House Draw


Each House Draw offers specific Early Bird Prizes. We often have two house draws live at the same time, so just make sure you’re entering the right one. We’ll always let you know which House Draw is offering each Early Bird. 

Question: Can I enter two House Draws at once? 

Answer: Yes, you can! Take a look at our live House Draws. And keep your eyes peeled for special offers. 

And remember, when you enter the Omaze Million Pound House Draw, you’ll not only be in with a chance to win some spectacular prizes, you’ll be supporting the vital work of our incredible charity partners. So, what are you waiting for? Enter the Omaze Million Pound House Draw now.


So enter now!