Meet The London House Draw Winners


We’re delighted to announce that Kevin Johnson from East London has won the Omaze Million Pound House, London, worth over £3,000,000, with £100,000 in cash to help him settle in!

Winner KevinKevin, a construction worker, was so shocked to receive the incredible news that he said, “my knees almost gave way and my chest felt like it was on fire – I was gobsmacked! I'm just a regular hard working guy who gets up early for work in the morning, comes home in the evening, and spends time with my family. Things like this just do not happen to normal guys like myself.” 


With his wife, Dee, still on the way home from work, Kevin video called her right away so she could share in the celebrations. Kevin said, “she screamed and turned her phone around to tell the packed train that we’d just won the Omaze house – all of the other commuters started clapping – it was crazy.”


Living just 20 minutes from the London House, in a rented three bedroom flat with their four sons, Kevin and Dee said “we’d always wanted to own our own house one day, so this really is a dream come true for us - we’ll be moving in straight away.”


And whilst the pair haven’t decided just yet what their long term plans are, they said that “whatever we decide to do, this is going to give us so much security as a family, it's truly life-changing for all of us.”


Your entries into the London House Draw also helped raise our largest charity donation ever: an amazing £2,000,000 for British Heart Foundation. This incredible amount is on top of the  £1,000,000 raised for the charity back during our first partnership in 2021, bringing the total raised for British Heart Foundation by Omaze Million Pound House Draws to an astonishing £3,000,000. 


This latest donation will provide the vital funds necessary for urgent research into heart and circulatory diseases during the most uncertain of times.


Dr Charmaine Griffiths, Chief Executive at British Heart Foundation, said: "We are absolutely blown away by the £2,000,000 raised by the Omaze London House Draw. This incredible amount of money will help fund ground-breaking research, which will transform the lives of people living with heart and circulatory diseases in the UK for generations to come.”


She also went on to say that, “At the BHF, we could not do what we do without the incredible support from the public and fantastic partnerships like Omaze —  the Omaze community have surpassed all our expectations.”


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Meet the London House Draw Early Bird Winners

Did you know that the earlier you enter the Omaze Million Pound House Draw, the more chances you have to win a life-changing Early Bird Prize? 

Now the London House Draw has come to a close, it’s time to take a look back at the lucky winners of our four incredible early bird prizes! 


Vincent from Newton Aycliffe won a Jaguar F-Type


Vincent said: “I am absolutely amazed, I could not believe it!” 


Chris from Guildford won £250,000 cash


Chris said: “I’m honestly still in disbelief, but absolutely thrilled to think of the difference it will make” 


Justin from Harpenden won a Volvo XC90 


Justin said: “I am utterly amazed, I genuinely never thought it would be me and was really happy with the suspense and knowing it was a good cause. I’m still in disbelief.” 


Stan from Ashford won Two MINIs


Stan said: “I’m absolutely stunned - I never seriously thought I could win.” 


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