London Weekly Cash Draw

Kelly M. from Glasgow is this week’s winner of our £1,000 Weekly Cash Draw for London. We caught up with Kelly to find out how it feels to win.

How do you feel about winning £1,000 in cash?

I cannot believe I have won. I actually thought it was a scam. Thank you so much for your time and my prize. You have made me and my family overjoyed. Thank you.

What tempted you to enter the Omaze Million Pound House Draw? 

I donate or give money to the British Heart Foundation as often as I can and I’d seen the advert on TV and was so glad to see something for the British Heart Foundation charity. 

What would you do if you won the house?

If I won the London house I would like to stay in it and see how the other half live, then I would take time to figure everything out after that. It would be a dream come true to win it for myself, and for my family to live in luxury.


Had you heard about the British Heart Foundation before you entered?

I believe this is a Christmas gift from my mum who unfortunately passed away three years ago due to a heart failure. I have been trying to raise money and awareness for the British Heart Foundation since then as it holds a special place in my heart. 


So, how are you going to spend the £1,000?

I’ll make sure myself and my family have an amazing Christmas. I am literally down to single figures in my bank account so I can't thank you enough for this. You have made my Christmas: Wooooohooooooooo!

You could be next!

Just like Kelly, we’re offering you the opportunity to win a house in London worth Three Million Pounds and over 2,000 additional prizes. And the best part? You’ll be supporting the British Heart Foundation's vital research to prevent, diagnose, treat and cure heart and circulatory diseases. So, don't delay, Enter now.