Meet Our Early Bird Winner!

Senior Biomedical Scientist, Louise S. from Durham, decided to enter the Ascot House Draw just a few minutes before the Early Bird midnight deadline. And she’s so glad she did. Because now, she’s the lucky winner of a brand new Jaguar I-PACE worth £78,000! We called Louise and her husband Jonathan to tell them the amazing news. Here’s what they had to say…


What made you enter the Omaze Million Pound House Draw?

Louise: Well, the house is amazing really! But equally the charity, Cancer Research UK, is very close to my heart. So the two’s a no brainer really! 

Jonathan: The house is perfection! We saw the advert and said, ‘this is the vision of our perfect house!’ 

What does CRUK mean to you?

Louise: I lost my mum to cancer two years ago. It’s been a tough few years. 

Jonathan:  Yes, I think most of us have sadly lost someone or have been affected by cancer. I think it’s 1 in 2 of us. Anything that helps get rid of this absolutely horrendous disease is great. And, of course, Cancer Research does that. If we can eradicate cancer, that’s wonderful. 

How do you feel about winning such a big prize?


Jonathan: It’s our first electric car! It will certainly make the school run very interesting! Jaguar’s always been one of my favourite brands! What an amazing car!

Louise: It’s fantastic! I can’t believe it! We’ll have to get a charging point! It’s very, very exciting!



Will you keep the car?

Louise: I think we might! It’s a great family car: perfect for the school run!

Jonathan: I think so! It’s a great family car isn’t it!

What difference will this make to your life?

Jonathan: It’s been a struggle these last 18 months and this news has certainly chirped us up!


Your Chance to Win


You could be a winner just like Louise S! Because we’re offering you the chance to win a majestic home in Ascot, a grand London home in iconic Wimbledon and a dream coastal home in Devon! The earlier you enter, the more prizes you could win. And the best part? You can support the vital work of Cancer Research, GOSH Charity and the NSPCC’s Childline. 

So, enter now