See The Incredible Difference You're Making

Since launching in the UK in 2020, our incredible Omaze community has raised over £11,000,000 for some of the biggest and most loved UK charities, like Blood Cancer UK, RSPCA and Alzheimer's Research UK, to name but a few. Those essential donations have funded life-saving research, life-changing support and life-enhancing advancements for hundreds of thousands of people across the country. And without you, it simply wouldn’t have been possible.   

Watch British Heart Foundation Receive Our Biggest Donation Ever

Back in 2021, the Omaze community raised £1,000,000 for British Heart Foundation. So when we threw in the ultimate feel-good plot twist for our second partnership, revealing our biggest charity donation ever, the shocked faces and tearful eyes said it all. Together, we have raised an incredible £3,000,000 over the last two years for British Heart Foundation, allowing them to continue funding vital research into heart and circulatory diseases. 

Discover What £1,000,000 Meant to Blood Cancer UK

In May 2022, we teamed up with Blood Cancer UK for our first Cornwall House Draw. As the UK’s third biggest cancer killer, this partnership aimed to raise enough money to help fund lifesaving research and to increase awareness of blood cancer and its symptoms for quick diagnoses. So when our Omaze community added an extra zero to the end of our already impressive donation, it’s safe to say the team at Blood Cancer UK were over the moon.

Watch as We Tell the RSPCA We've Raised £1,000,000

March 2022 saw us partner with the oldest welfare charity in the UK, the RSPCA. Receiving calls every 30 seconds and requests for callouts every minute, it’s no wonder that a £1,000,000 donation set the team’s tears flowing. The money the Omaze community raised allowed the RSPCA to continue rescuing, protecting and rehoming abandoned and abused animals across the country, building towards their mission of improving the lives of all animals.

For Alzheimer's Research UK £1,000,000 Was Truly Transformational

When we partnered with Alzheimer's UK back in 2021, we knew the kind of cutting-edge advancements £500,000 could fund. But for our Omaze community, they simply had to go and do one better. And with an incredible £1,000,000 to spend on potentially life-saving programmes, Alzheimer’s Research UK could steer a few steps closer to creating a future where people are free from the heartbreak of dementia.

Learn More About All of Our Amazing Charity Partners 

We’re grateful to everyone who’s supported our wonderful charities in any one of our House Draws so far. Since launching in 2020, we've raised over £11,000,000 — funding research, support and treatment across numerous charity sectors.

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But to continue being a force for good, backing breakthroughs and saving lives, we rely on the support of our incredible Omaze community.

So if you’re ready to join in and support the vital work of more deserving charities, enter our live draws today and do something omazing.