A Day to Yourself in This Dream Devon House

Positioned on the outskirts of Devon’s Dartmoor National Park, and under half an hour from Ness Cove Beach, this exquisite property combines the woodland and the water for the ultimate tranquil retreat to while away the autumn days. 

As you awake in this soothing main bedroom, you’re greeted by the sounds of wildlife beyond the window and views of the luscious gardens and manicured lawns just outside. Pulling back the covers, you head to the luxury en suite at the entrance to the room, step into the walk-in shower and relax into the day ahead. 

Wide awake and feeling fresh, you saunter down the stairs to your calming home office overlooking the gardens. You take a seat at your desk, turn on your Mac, jot down a quick to-do list and set to work clearing your inbox and completing the day’s task.

Calendar cleared, it’s time to ease into a day where the only thing on your agenda is…you! And what better place to start than in this stunning garden: watering the flowerbeds, collecting fresh lavender for the house and taking in the crisp countryside air.

Green fingers worn out and legs ready for a rest, why not find a book and curl up in your chair of choice. Perhaps you’ll snuggle up in the cosy-cottage lounge, with a coffee in hand, candle lit and log-burner on standby for the nights approaching. Or maybe you’d prefer to stay outside, enjoying the last of the September sunshine. 

Heading into the late afternoon, with the sun setting through the bathroom window, you fill the free-standing stone tub with piping hot water and bubbles a plenty, before spending a sumptuous half hour soaking away in undisturbed bliss. 

Dressing gown on and feeling fresh once more, this idyllic outdoor setup awaits. And whether you’re reading the final pages of your book, sipping a luxurious hot chocolate or simply taking in the evening tranquillity of nature all around, as the sun fades behind the house, a pink hue taints the sky and and darkness finally falls, you close the doors, climb into bed and fall into a Devon dream.

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