A Quiet Day on the Cornish Coast

Awake to the sounds of the automated blinds at the foot of your bed rising from the floor, allowing the sun’s rays outside to creep in, slowly covering the room in a warm spring glow. With each passing second the view from beyond the terrace and its glass balustrades, is unveiled. And by the time your eyes have fully adjusted to the morning light, the scene before you awaits like a picture postcard: the River Fowey in all its splendour.   


Sit up, plump the cushions behind you and spend a few moments stretching your arms,  neck and back, as you watch the boats outside float by. And when you’re ready to make the move out of bed and start your day, a beautifully designed en-suite awaits. With twin sinks, yet more enviable estuary views and the ultimate walk-in shower with open-top sky views, this bathroom is the perfect place to seize the day. 


Just outside your en-suite lies an illuminated mirrored alcove with built-in vanity table, perfect for applying your morning moisturiser and all important summer sunscreen. Once you’re finished freshening up, it’s time to head to your secluded dressing room, peruse your wardrobe and slip into your comfies for the day—don’t forget the sunglasses, you’ll need them for taking in those scorching summer views. 

Vanity area + dressing room

Downstairs, you’re greeted with more panoramic views through the glazed walls of your luxury, open-plan kitchen. With the sliding doors just slightly ajar, the refreshing estuary air seeps into the room. Fire up the espresso machine, pop a croissant under the grill and prepare a plate of mouth-watering seasonal fruit to enjoy as you listen to the water run by below and the birds chirp overhead.


After breakfast, the day is yours to do as you will. Perhaps your personal yoga studio is the oasis of choice, soothing the soul, focussing the mind and strengthening the body for the day ahead. Or maybe it’s time to head to the jetty, set sail and explore the open water. Or it might simply be a matter of heading back upstairs, settling into your reading nook and taking in a good book, occasionally pausing to look up, embrace and soak in the tranquil scene outside.

Yoga + terrace + reading nook

Whatever your start to the day, when it comes to settling down to work, a day in the office doesn’t seem so bad when you’re surrounded by this inspirational landscape. Whether you’re crunching numbers on this state of the art iMac 24”, drawing up designs on this grand oak desk or hopping on a call with a backdrop envied by all, this ultimate office space beautifully embodies the ‘work hard play hard’ mentality. 


As the night draws in, shut down your computer, head upstairs and catch Cornwall’s renowned sunset as it envelopes the coastline. And as you sit in the golden hour lighting, blanket around your shoulders and camomile tea in hand, ease into the evening in true coastal style.

Evening setting

The yellow rays from the south west sun eventually succumb to the glistening white moonlight amidst a crystal clear sky overhead. Warm tonal lighting fills the house, juxtaposed from the darkness descending all around. Step back inside, snuggle up in your queen size bed and direct the blinds to lower and the lights to cease throughout the house. Lay your head down, breathe in the stillness and relax into one well-deserved slumber in your incredible waterfront house. 

Evening view

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