What are the Running Costs of the Cornwall House?

Imagine the elation of winning a stunning, £3,000,000 house in Cornwall. You see yourself relaxing in its hot tub, gently rocking in a hammock overlooking the beautiful Camel Estuary or welcoming your loved ones for endless summers by the beach.

Hot tub and hammock on decking Perhaps the more practical-minded among us will then start to wonder…how will I furnish this new home? How much will it cost to heat my house now? How will I upgrade to this life of luxury? Luckily, we’ve got these considerations covered, which leaves you free to focus all your energy on dreaming big! Picture taking time for yourself, time with friends and family and time to explore Cornwall’s incredible coast. Let’s look at the practicalities of your incredible new home and the ways in which we help make it as smooth as possible to simply move in and enjoy.

Bedroom window seat We have fully–furnished your home with carefully curated, stylish pieces chosen to offset their beautiful surroundings. Altogether, the furnishings are worth a total of £150,000. We’ve taken care of the mortgage and stamp duty, so there is nothing left for you to pay. We’ll also give you £50,000 in cash to put towards the running costs of the house for the first few years. 

We have estimated the average running costs of the house to be:

    • Electricity: £5,000 per annum (based on current, increased prices and full-time occupancy).
    • Water treatment servicing: £300 per annum
    • Garden maintenance: £3000 per annum
    • Green roof trimming: £300 per year
    • Salt for water treatment plan: £1,200 per annum
    • Council Tax: £4,218 per annum*

Based on the above estimates, your average monthly running costs would be approximately £1,169 per month (as of 26/05/2022). And remember, moving into your new home is just one option. You could choose to sell it and become an instant multi-millionaire or rent it out and enjoy an income for life! The estimated rental value from the property is £15,000 per month in peak season.

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*This article was originally published with the incorrect council tax amount of £2,578 per annum. Thanks to the eagle eyes of our community we have corrected this.