Who Won the Fulham House?

Marilyn Pratt from Greater London is our London House Draw Grand Prize Winner. Marilyn has won a luxury London Townhouse worth three million pounds and £10,000 in cash to help her settle in. And that’s not all. By entering the draw, she helped to raise a fantastic £1,000,000 to support the British Heart Foundation. We caught up with Marilyn to find out how it feels to win big and give back.


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Watch Marilyn's reaction as we tell her the news that she's won our Grand Prize.


How does it feel to win this three million pound townhouse?

It hasn’t sunk in at all. It makes me feel so happy that even though this has come at a later stage of my life, I know that my children are always going to be secure and that’s a really nice feeling. It’s very strange to think that I’m an instant multi-millionaire, it's only just starting to sink in. 

London House Draw Grand Prize Winner - OmazeWhat will you do with the house? Live in, rent out or sell? 

I saw the Omaze Million Pound House Draw on Facebook. The advert said, ‘win a house’. My daughter has wanted to get on the property ladder for some time and I thought I’d try to win her a house. My husband thought I was completely insane and said, ‘what a waste of a tenner’! As luck would have it I bought a ticket for £10 the night before the draw closed, the rest is history. The house is absolutely beautiful. The whole situation is totally surreal.

What will you do with the house? Live in, rent out or sell? 

I think the most likely outcome is that I’ll sell it. I think that would be fairest on everyone as I have another daughter too. We’ve lived in our house for over 40 years. It might be nice to find somewhere more modern. A move might be on the cards but perhaps to somewhere a bit more in keeping with our time of life.

Winner of the Omaze Million Pound House DrawDo you have a connection to the British Heart Foundation? 

I’ve always had a soft spot for the British Heart Foundation, I had a sister-in-law who had a heart condition from birth. She was in and out of hospital all her life. She never complained about it. She put up a good fight but after a major operation to correct the condition, she passed away in her forties. She was just such a lovely person and she was involved with the British Heart Foundation, so I feel that connection. She’s greatly missed, even now.


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Marilyn was the final and Grand Prize Winner in our London House Draw. For your chance to win life-changing prizes while supporting the causes you love, check out our live draws now.

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