Meet our Award-Winning Devon House Architect

Meet Guy Greenfield. He’s the brains behind the architectural masterpiece that we’re giving away in the Omaze Million Pound House Draw, Devon. We caught up with him to find out what he loves most about the house and to ask what inspired its unique design.


What was the site like before you began work?


It was originally a small bungalow! It actually took us three years to finish. I managed the whole process, not only the concept but the construction as well.


What inspired the design?


I’m generally very interested in sculpture, simplicity and honing things down to strong concepts. But the layout of the house was really generated in response to the site and the environment around it. The triangular shape helps to maximise the transparency of the house. And that means an exceptional view of the sea can be had from the poolside.




Were there moments you thought it wouldn’t work?


Yes, on some aspects you do think that! Not only did we have to get the concept and shape right; we had to spend a huge amount of time on the detail. You have to have faith in your convictions really!


How did you feel about it when you finished the project?


I was very pleased with it…really fabulous result. I wouldn’t mind owning it myself. I’ll have to enter the draw, won’t I?!



What’s your favourite part of the house?


Well, I think it has to be the sitting room really. The height and the space. And the swimming pool was quite a feat because we didn’t get a company to do it. We designed everything ourselves. So, we had to do a lot of homework on how you make the mechanics work. The result is quite stunning!



What do you think our winner would like about living there?


Looking out through that big panoramic window; watching the sea and how it changes, seeing the weather patterns is really quite beautiful. And you see all sorts of things: you know, you get dolphins out there and of course you get people on paddle boards going past …it’s a very interesting view! It’s very much a sunshine house. That was a very important part of the concept.


Your Chance To Win


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