How Does the RSPCA Transform the Lives of Animals in Need?

Enter the Omaze Cotswolds House Draw and you’ll help us support the RSPCA achieve their vision to ensure that animals have a good life by rescuing and caring for those in need. The RSPCA advocates on behalf of all animals and inspires everyone to treat them with compassion and respect. Read about the vital work of the oldest animal welfare charity. 

Freya, a one-year-old Terrier cross, was cruelly thrown from a truck at 50mph and, thanks to the RSPCA, is now undergoing rehabilitation at RSPCA Leybourne Animal Centre in Kent. She arrived underweight, covered in fleas and with a matted, dirty coat. Freya’s anxiety has made it difficult for her to adjust to kennel life, so caring RSPCA staff have given her a private area where she enjoys watching David Attenborough wildlife documentaries to help calm her nerves.

Luckily, the RSPCA were able to respond to shocked members of the public who contacted them after witnessing Freya being hurled from the driver’s side of the flat-bed truck in Yalding. Freya is now in safe hands and being shown the love and compassion she deserves. Last year alone the RSPCA received over one million calls about animals who needed their expert help. The charity could use the money raised by the Omaze community to rescue more innocent creatures like Freya.

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