Thomas's Story

“Not every day’s going to have sunshine. Sometimes you’ve got to walk yourself through to the better weather.”




Thomas didn’t think he had much going for him. He struggled with his confidence and couldn’t imagine a better life for himself. As time went on, he turned to alcohol and drugs, and began to feel like he was digging himself deep into a hole.


“I just felt like I was on a repeated cycle. I wasn’t going to get out.”

Thomas's life could have continued to spiral. But when he got involved with The Prince’s Trust, things began to change.

“I’ve got to say, it was one of the best things that’s happened to me.”

Thomas completed a Get into NHS Hospital Services course with The Prince’s Trust, run in partnership with the East Lancashire Hospital Trust. Then he secured a job with the NHS in the laundry rooms of his local hospital. His wellbeing began to improve, and he started feeling healthier and better in himself. Soon he was being trusted to help train new employees. Thomas is proud of the work he does and how it helps the entire hospital to run:

“Without the sheets the patients can’t be kept in. You need uniforms for your staff. Every job in the hospital is an important role.”

When Thomas looks back now on the journey he’s been on, he can see how far he’s come. He made his way out of the hole he thought he’d never escape from and he’s determined never to go back.

“I plan to keep going, work my way to the top. Not saying it will be any time soon, but it will happen…”

We believe in you, Thomas.

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