Time to Yourself in The Cheshire House

Savour precious time alone in this Stylish House, as each room’s individual luxuries reassure you you're worth it: the rainbow glint of your bespoke dressing room’s crystal chandeliers; the glow of the golden skirting in your handmade kitchen; the glossy leaves of the towering fig tree in your elegant, galleried entrance hall. For your chance to win this five bedroom, £3,500,000 house, in Prestbury along with £100,000 in cash, just enter The Cheshire House draw supporting the Bowelbabe Fund for Cancer Research UK. 

Awaken in this tranquil main bedroom, in the perfect symmetry of this luxuriously large bed, beneath pristine, white covers. Behind your pistachio linen headboard, padded wall panels hang, upholstered in apricot satin and marbled with a pattern of swirling mist. Your first steps of the day leave barely-there footprints in a soft, plush, carpet, as you take a seat at one of a pair of boucle, arched stools; a glamorous pedestal from which to enjoy dual aspect views. 

In this spacious sunlit study, a comfy cloud of a chaise lounge invites you to sit and journal. Gazing out over open, green fields to the front of the house, with a painted cascade of gold at your back, silence frees your mind to spill its dreams, intentions and creative ambitions onto paper.  If any tasks arise, you can action them at this elegant wooden desk, in a swivel tub chair, feet firmly planted into a deep pile, cream rug laced with rivers of chocolate brown.

Having freed your mind for the day, it’s time to show your body some tough love as you strengthen, tone and stretch your way to peak form in this wood panelled home gym. Under the bright glow of suspended halo lights, warm up with floorwork on rubber mats before working up a sweat on a state-of-the-art exercise bike and cross trainer. A wall mounted screen allows you to set your own pace, to your own music or watch a favourite show.

Afterwards, soak up the serenity of your immaculate, open plan kitchen in a round-backed counter stool, standing high on gunmetal legs at an oversized solid marble island. Refuel with coffee from your Miele espresso machine and cold water from a brushed brass mixer tap, as you contemplate breakfast. Through striking, wraparound sliding doors, the mature garden’s moving picture plays; a montage of broadleaf trees alive with fluttering leaves and birds.

A candlelit bath while it’s still daylight is a twinkling signal to relax, because nothing more is required of you here, regardless of the hour.  Chalky walls in deep mink contrast with polished marble tiles, while a classic, curved tub filled with soothing hot water is a sanctuary for recovering muscles. Soft light falls in from the south facing window, through white, plantation shutters as your eyes gently close in a moment of pure peace. 

To wander into this impeccable dressing room of expertly lit rails, individually shelved boxes and bespoke glazed cabinets is to enter the flagship of an exquisite fashion house with a difference; here, every boxfresh shoe and pristine outfit is already your own. After dressing in this imposing, illuminated mirror with marble underfoot you’ll always walk downstairs feeling like a film star, whatever you choose to wear. 

Plum velvet sofas, elegant brass table lamps and ornate, glass bonbon jars conjure up picturehouse opulence in this romantic home cinema, where matte, charcoal walls and luxuriously thick curtains that fall to the floor, exclude real world distractions.  A hundred inch screen and surround sound will enthral you as one film becomes a double, or even a triple bill and the popcorn disappears as easily as the time, before your bedroom beckons you upstairs.

Moonlight falls on satin cushions bearing cloud-wreathed mountain tops, just like the elusive summit of Mount Olympus where gods and goddesses were said to retire for the evening.  As lamplight from twin bedside tables silhouettes a delicate olive tree, you climb between cool cotton sheets. It’s easy to feel that you, too, have been elevated to a magical realm, where your comfort and pleasure claim centre stage and dreams and reality are one.

For your chance to win this Stylish House in Cheshire, and support the Bowelbabe Fund for Cancer Research UK to advance bowel cancer treatment and transform survival through cutting-edge research projects, just enter the Cheshire House draw now. PLUS when you enter by Sunday, you'll get 15 extra entries and also be entered into our Early Bird Prize Draw* for your chance to win a Range Rover Velar.

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