We’re Giving More Than Ever Before

We’re delighted to announce that, from the Somerset House Draw onwards, we can now guarantee a minimum donation of £1,000,000 for each and every charity partner.  

The past

In April 2020, the first ever Omaze Million Pound House Draw opened, with the Teenage Cancer Trust as our inaugural charity partner. At the time, we guaranteed a minimum donation of £75,000 for the charity, going on to raise £250,000. 

With the overwhelming success of our first House Draw, in October 2020 we launched the London House, supporting British Heart Foundation, increasing our minimum donation to £100,000.


The present

Three and a half incredible years on, 21 stunning houses later and over £20,000,000 raised for our wonderful charity partners, we couldn’t be more thrilled to announce a tenfold increase in our guaranteed minimum donation, from £100,000 to a whopping £1,000,000. 

So, how have we managed to achieve this?

Well, the simple answer? Because of Omazers just like you! By entering the Omaze Million Pound House Draw or, better yet, becoming a subscriber, you’ve made it possible for us to help 16 charities improve, change and save lives, so thank you! 

Your support has also allowed us to update our charitable giving model, which has made guaranteeing this fantastic amount for each and every charity partner a reality. 


The previous model:

Up to this point, charities have received 80% of the net proceeds from each House Draw. Net proceeds essentially means what is left over after all associated costs (e.g. prizing, operations, marketing etc.) have been deducted. 

The new model:

Now, we offer our charity partners a guaranteed 17% of total sales from each House Draw. This guarantees charity partners a share of all ticket sales, irrespective of any costs we incur to make the House Draw happen. 

In practice, this means that the charity directly receives £1.70 from every £10 spent on Omaze House Draw entries: a smaller percentage of a bigger pie. In fact, we're hoping to raise more in 2024 than in the previous years combined!