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Warm climates welcome us, open-armed, to the joy of outdoor living. The design of this  incredible £2,000,000 holiday villa in Marbella has been shaped by long, Spanish summers and its outside spaces are as essential to life here as the property itself. 

Omaze Marbella Superdraw - patio area with corner sofa in the sun

The sumptuous, rattan corner sofa of the decked patio makes this living area as comfortable as any indoor lounge. Gently relax into the warmth of the day here, in the sun-dappled shade of the trellis beams. Lie back with a morning coffee, taking in the bird song and enjoying the pure blue skies above you. The thriving palms, bamboo and other tropical foliage surrounding you are a reminder that this is how life should be - effortless, harmonious, beautiful. The Patio’s classic Mediterranean white walls, dotted with traditional, decorative blue plates, and its terracotta earthenware, are a nod to Andalucia’s long history of sun-soaked lives.  Omaze Marbella Superdraw  - Outside of Villa in the SunThe azure, mosaic tiles and crystal clear water of your empty, private pool beckon. Maybe you will opt for a few bracing lengths before breakfast to wake up the senses, or perhaps just a cooling, meditative float to embrace the sheer joy of having nothing more demanding to do. Afterwards, recline on a luxurious, sunlounger shaded by a parasol and a screen of Hibiscus and greenery backlit by sunshine. This spot is heaven for anyone who wants more time to read. Spend hours here happily absorbed in a novel or simply letting your thoughts come and go, closing your eyes at will and appreciating a newfound peace.Omaze Marbella Superdraw  - Sunloungers by the pool Next up is al fresco lunch at your long, rustic table - its natural wood warm to the touch after absorbing the heat of the day. A saffron-yellow paella and fresh, green salad are the products of local abundance and slow eating is the natural pace here. Take time to savour your food, wine and company, knowing there’s nothing to rush for. Omaze Marbella Superdraw - Al fresco lunchPossibly the greatest delight of this outdoor life is that, come evening, the sun’s warmth remains, even long after it’s set. At sundown retreat to your rooftop. This terrace is a special place of serenity, high above it all, with panoramic views of the lush landscape below and the sea beyond. The generous and stylish array of furniture, with its soft upholstery, cushions and rugs are here to comfort and promote relaxation. Sip your sangria to the chorus of cicadas and embrace the gratitude that lies at the heart of being outdoors here.Omaze Marbella Superdraw  - Rooftop at sunsetFor your chance to win this life-changing holiday villa on Marbella’s Golden Mile and £250,000 in cash, just enter the Omaze Mabella Superdraw now. Your entries will help raise vital funds for Teenage Cancer Trust to reach more young people with cancer to support them through their illness.

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