Who Are Dogs Trust?

We’re all big animal lovers here at Omaze, but we have a very special place in our hearts for pups and pooches. So, we’re thrilled to be able to introduce our pawsome new charity partner for the Lake District House Draw: Dogs Trust!

We’re so proud to be working with this incredible charity: and we’re so happy to welcome Owen Sharp, Chief Executive of Dogs Trust, who’s here to give us 3 reasons why we should all support their vital work.

Million Pound House Lake District Dogs Trust

1. All Dogs Need Love

“We’re dedicated to making the world a safer, happier, more loving place for all dogs. Working through 21 rehoming centres across the UK and Ireland, we’re helping vulnerable dogs to get back on their paws with healthcare, training, rehabilitation, and lots of love, before finding them loving new homes.” 

Million Pound House Lake District Dogs Trust

2. Every Dog is Welcome

“Our rehoming centres are full of wonderful dogs looking for happy new homes. For some, their previous owner couldn’t look after them any longer. Others were found as strays. Whatever the reason, Dogs Trust ensures that these dogs get the care and love they need.  Some Dogs Trust centres have ‘real-life’ rooms that replicate the home environment, so that the dogs can settle in more easily with their new owners when the time comes for rehoming.” 

Million Pound House Lake District Dogs Trust

3. We’re Making a Better World For Dogs

“In the last year alone, Dogs Trust cared for nearly 11,000 dogs, rehomed 8,550 dogs and supported projects around the globe to make big, positive and sustainable changes to dog welfare. We have vowed never to stop working towards making the world a better place for all dogs. But right now, as the cost of loving dogs goes up, your support for our work is more important than ever.” 

Million Pound House Lake District Dogs Trust

We hear you, Owen. That’s why Omaze will be donating 80% of the net proceeds from the Lake District House Draw to Dogs Trust. So, just by entering the Lake District House Draw, you’ll be helping Dogs Trust to make life better for dogs in need. And you could win a magical house worth over £2,500,000 plus £100,000 cash to help you settle in! It really is a win-win. 

 So, do something omazing.

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