Your Own Corner of the Cotswolds Countryside

There’s nothing quite like waking to the blissful sounds of the British countryside; throwing open the curtains and watching the sun’s warm glow fill every corner of the room. Take a moment to breathe in the stillness, preparing for the day ahead, before you step into your luxurious en suite for a soak in the tub or a refreshing morning shower. Bedroom CotswoldsOnce you’ve dried off, your dressing room awaits. And with ample space for a countryside catwalk, deciding your day’s attire is a breeze. Head downstairs to start the day right with a breakfast setup fit for countryside luxury. Make yourself a coffee in your Sage espresso machine, load up on fresh bread, fruits, croissants and more, and enjoy it all whilst overlooking the stunning garden with its dazzling swimming pool. BreakfastFuelled for the day ahead, you have a choice to make. If you’re in the mood to up the tempo, this countryside retreat has everything you need to get moving. Perhaps it’s working out in the gym—a session on the Pelaton, rowing machine, yoga class or weight training. Or maybe a few lengths in the heated outdoor pool is more your scene. And if blowing away the cobwebs, getting out into nature and exploring the exquisite Cotswolds landscape sounds like a plan, then grab your walking shoes from the boot room and set out on any of the local walking trails. Active CotswoldsBut whilst keeping active and enjoying Cotswolds life is great, some days not leaving your luxurious, multi-million pound house isn’t a bad idea either. And in this home, there are plenty of options when it comes to kicking back and enjoying the quiet life. Sip a cup of tea on your sumptuous bed as you overlook the glistening pool below. Pick up a book, light a candle and take a seat in your bedroom reading nook. Head to the lounge, switch on the TV and binge-watch to your heart’s content. Or, if you’re keen to soak up the sun, head outside, pick a sofa, apply the sunscreen and drift off under the mid-morning rays. Areas to sitAs the afternoon draws in, the cosy Cotswolds countryside comes alive in these ultimate snuggle spots. Illuminated by firelight, both the lounge and snug offer warm and welcoming settings to see in the evening. Whether it’s reading a book on your red velvet armchair, or picking at popcorn whilst deciding on a film, these restful rooms are all about chilling out and settling in.Cosy CotswoldsNot quite sleepy yet? Well then, a blissful bubble bath is calling your name! With candles to soothe the senses, turn off the lights, get the temperature just right and soak the day away in undisturbed calm.Evening bathAnd as night falls, and your eyes start to droop, drain the bath and head to the bedroom. Close the curtains and take a last look at the lit pool outside, the water serenely still in the summer air. Turn off the table light, climb into bed and take one deep breath in, and out, before letting sleep take hold. Nightfall
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