Meet Our Early Bird Winner!

Retired architectural technician, David M. from Camelon, Scotland, saw the Omaze TV ad last Christmas and has been entering ever since. And now, he’s our latest Wimbledon House Draw Early Bird Winner! Below, David tells us how it feels to win and about his plans to sell the car and head off to the World Cup! If Scotland qualify that is...

Where Did You Hear About The Omaze Million Pound House Draw?

I first saw the TV advert around the end of December last year for the London House. And anyway I got caught up in the Christmas spirit - making charity donations and things like that - and I took the plunge, thinking it was a great idea to buy some tickets. I’ve entered all of the House Draws since!

How does it feel to win such a big prize?

It hasn’t really sunk in, I’m a bit bamboozled! Thanks very much for the prize and thanks to Omaze! You raise so much money for charity, it’s obvious you do a fantastic job! And you attract a lot of attention because you have the best prizes in the country! 

I’m so happy. It’s the most fantastic prize I have ever won or ever would win so thank you. 

Do you think you’ll keep the car?

You see this is the thing. I don’t drive! Never had a car or a driving licence. I’ll have to sell it! And then if Scotland qualify, we’ll go out to see the World Cup for my 60th Birthday!

Your Chance to Win


You could be a winner just like David M! Because we’re offering you the chance to win a majestic home in Ascot and a grand London home in iconic Wimbledon! The earlier you enter, the more prizes you could win. And the best part? You can support the vital work of Cancer Research and GOSH Charity. 

So, enter now