Do You Know the 11 Symptoms of Blood Cancer?

Over a quarter of people with blood cancer are diagnosed as emergency admissions because so few of us understand its symptoms. Blood Cancer UK is on a mission to improve rates of early blood cancer diagnosis, and therefore survival, by raising awareness of the signs of blood cancer to look out for in ourselves and one another.

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Blood cancer is a type of cancer that affects your blood cells. Over 40,000 people are diagnosed with a blood cancer each year in the UK, and over 250,000 people are currently living with blood cancer. Blood cancer symptoms vary depending on the type of blood cancer, whether it's leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma, MDS, MPN or any other blood cancer. Together, we can get more people diagnosed early, as the sooner you are diagnosed, the better your chances of survival.

Man receiving treatment for Blood Cancer

Blood cancer symptoms to watch out for include:

  1. Weight loss that is unexplained
  2. Bruising or bleeding that is unexplained
  3. Lumps or swellings
  4. Shortness of breath (breathlessness)
  5. Drenching night sweats
  6. Infections that are persistent, recurrent or severe
  7. Fever (38°C or above) that is unexplained
  8. Rash or itchy skin that is unexplained
  9. Pain in your bones, joints or abdomen (stomach area)
  10. Tiredness that doesn’t improve with rest or sleep (fatigue)
  11. Paleness (pallor)
How do blood cancer symptoms appear on black brown and asian skin?Symptoms can vary on different skin tones:
    • Bruises generally start as red patches which darken over time. On black and brown skin, bruises may be hard to spot, but as they develop, they show up as darker than the surrounding skin.
    • Rashes often appear as clusters of tiny spots or larger blotches. On black and brown skin, they may look purple or darker than surrounding skin. On lighter skin, they typically look red or purple.
    • Paleness is often more immediately noticeable in light skin. People with black or brown skin may look greyish and their palms, lips, gums, tongue or nail beds may look paler than usual. 

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