Dogs Trust - Piper's Story

As well as making its grand prize winner a multi-millionaire, the Lake District House Draw will raise vital funds to support Dogs Trust. The money raised will help the UK’s largest dog welfare charity to care for more dogs in need, from those in distress who need special care, to those who need a loving home.

Omaze Million Pound House Lake District - Dogs Trust - Piper's Story - A Belgian Malinois stands in the sun, ears pricked

Abandoned dog Piper was just seven months old when he was found tied to the fence at Dogs Trust Leeds. The dedicated team at the Rehoming Centre gave Piper the care, love and support he needed and helped him find his forever home.   

It was the middle of the night and the Belgian Malinois pup was wrapped in a man’s gilet to keep him warm. He was understandably distressed and barked when Dogs Trust staff tried to approach him. But using their doggy knowledge and specialist skills, with a lot of love, patience and tasty treats, the canine carers were able to untie Piper from the fence and take him into the warm. 

It wasn’t until the next morning that the team found a heart-breaking note in the gilet pocket from his owner apologising for leaving him there. In the note the owner explained that owing to personal circumstances he could no longer provide the care the young pup needed and deserved.  

In recent months, Dogs Trust has received a record number of enquiries from people who have had to make the tough decision to ask the charity to look after their dogs, as they are no longer able to do so themselves. The top three reasons given to the charity for relinquishment are that owners are unable to cope with the responsibility of owning a dog, a dog is showing unwanted behaviours or a change in living arrangements that makes owning a dog untenable.Omaze Million Pound House - Piper the Belgian Malinois sits next to his Dogs Trust trainer on a bench outside the rehoming centreLike all dogs surrendered to Dogs Trust, Piper underwent a thorough assessment to help the rehabilitation team understand his needs. Dogs Trust never puts a healthy dog to sleep. Instead, a team of veterinary experts, behavioural therapists, trainers and canine carers work together to get dogs back on their paws and help them find their forever home. Omaze Million Pound House Lake District. Dogs Trust. Piper the Belgian Malinois with his paw in his trainer's hand In Piper’s case, he didn’t have the necessary skills to help him behave appropriately around other dogs or people. However, help was at hand and the team quickly built a good relationship with Piper and patiently trained him to engage with both dogs and humans in a safer and healthier way.  Omaze Million Pound House Lake District. Dogs Trust. Piper the Belgian Malinois stands on a training ramp on a field in the sunWhen Piper was ready to be rehomed he didn’t get much interest at first but then a London-based family got in touch. They had experience of Piper’s breed and loved his intelligent nature and eagerness to learn. They’ve spent time getting to know Piper in the familiar surroundings of the rehoming centre and are set to take him home with them in the coming weeks. 

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