Meet Teenage Cancer Trust

Navigating life as a teenager is already difficult without hearing the words ‘’you have cancer”, yet seven young people aged 13-24 receive this devastating diagnosis every day. 

That’s why we’ve partnered with Teenage Cancer Trust for the Marbella Superdraw. You could win a £2,000,000 holiday villa on Marbella’s Golden Mile, with £250,000 in cash, and help raise vital resources for this life-changing charity to improve the prospects of young people with cancer. 

Teenage Cancer Trust Omaze Million Pound House Draw
One moment a teenager is planning their future and the next, they’re living from one appointment to the next - worrying how they’ll cope with chemo, how they’ll look if their hair falls out, or even wondering whether they’ll survive. Facing this trauma without the right support can leave a young person physically, mentally and emotionally damaged. 

Teenage Cancer Trust Omaze Million Pound House Draw. Teenage Cancer Nurse speaks to patient Paul McKenzie, Director of Fundraising, Teenage Cancer Trust, said: “Cancer doesn’t just devastate a young person’s health, it threatens to take away everything they care about – their identity, their independence and their dreams.   

“Our incredible nurses and support teams do all they can to stop that happening, and make sure that cancer doesn’t stop young people living their lives. 

 “We’re so grateful to Omaze for their continued support for teens and young adults with cancer, because to put it simply, without the generosity of the public and partners like Omaze, nothing we do would be possible.”

Teenage Cancer Trust funds specialist nurses, youth support teams and hospital units within the NHS to provide the very best care and support for teenagers and young adults, during treatment and beyond.

Teenage Cancer Trust was Omaze’s first charity partner when we launched in the UK in 2020 with a campaign that raised £250,000. We have guaranteed the charity a minimum donation of £100,000 from the Marbella Superdraw and we’re delighted to partner with them again.

Teenage Cancer Trust Omaze Million Pound House Draw. Teenage Cancer Trust nurses talk to patientsTeenagers only have one chance at being young and those crucial few years will shape their future relationships, career, confidence, health and wellbeing. The charity needs to reach more young people to ensure they all have the help they need to lead a normal life after cancer and enjoy the same opportunities they would have had without their illness. 

Teenage Cancer Trust Omaze Million Pound House Draw. Teenage Cancer patient plays pool So let’s help Teenage Cancer Trust ensure that teenagers can put cancer behind them and live their lives to the full. Enter the Marbella Superdraw now and you could win a luxury holiday villa with £250,000, and help to transform the future of young people with cancer.

It really is a win:win. So why wait? Do something omazing. Enter now.

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