Meet the Cornwall House Draw Winners

We’re thrilled to announce that Rose Doyle, from Birmingham, is the Cornwall House Draw Grand Prize Winner, bagging herself a Stunning House in Cornwall worth over £3,000,000, along with £100,000 in cash.

When Jo stood Rose in front of the big screen to tell her she’d scooped a prize, she was convinced it was a holiday to Cornwall.

Reflecting on the surprise of a lifetime, Rose said,“I’ve been an Omaze subscriber for a while and to be honest, because I know I’ve entered every draw automatically, I don’t keep track of all the houses each time, so had no clue what we’d won at first. We thought maybe it was a little holiday to Cornwall or a few hundred pounds – we didn’t think for one minute that we’d won a £3 million pound house there – things like this just don’t happen to people like us. When they confirmed the prize I was an emotional wreck!” 

Having had a chance to visit the house, Rose explained “We’ve been to Cornwall once before back in the eighties for a family holiday - we never imagined we’d own a £3 million mansion here one day, I just can’t comprehend it. This win is life changing for us - it’s fantastic for our family’s future - they won’t have to struggle as much as we had to. I’m not sure what we’re going to do long term yet - we’ll definitely enjoy it as a family for a bit - whatever we decide to do, it's going to change all our lives for the better - it’s a true miracle.” 

Your entries into the Cornwall House Draw also helped raise an incredible £3,100,000 for WWF, helping to support their vital campaign to restore the UK coastline and bring wildlife back from the brink.

Tanya Steele, CEO at WWF said: “At such a crucial time for our planet, we’re thrilled and so grateful to Omaze and to everyone who entered the Omaze Million Pound House draw in Cornwall, who have raised a phenomenal £3,100,000 for WWF.

“The money raised through this draw will go towards our vital work protecting wildlife and restoring nature, both on our doorsteps in the UK and around the world.  

“Thank you Omaze, and to everyone who entered. This partnership will help us considerably in our fight to bring our world back to life.”

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Meet the Cornwall House Draw Early Bird Winner

Did you know that if you enter the Omaze Million Pound House Draw early, you also have the chance to win an incredible Early Bird Prize? 

Now the Cornwall House Draw has come to a close, it’s time to take a look back at the lucky winner of our awesome Early Bird Prize! 

Phoebe from Salisbury won a Porsche Taycan

Phoebe said: “Lost for words. When I first received the email I didn't know what to think or do. I started going through the winners code on the website number by number against my entry in the email but still couldn't get my head round it. Only in the call did it start to sink in and then I was just speechless.

For your chance to win an Early Bird Prize just like this, or even a Multi-Million Pound House, all whilst supporting the causes you love, enter now at


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