Range Rover Sport HSE Early Bird Winner

Former teacher Rosemarie P. from Braunton is the lucky winner of our Cotswolds Early Bird Prize, a brand new Range Rover Sport HSE worth over £80,000! We captured the moment that she found out that she’d won this magnificent prize and discovered why The Prince’s Trust means so much to her.




You’ve won a Range Rover Sport HSE. How do you feel about winning such a big prize?


Oh wow! Really! Oh my goodness! I’ve just got off the phone to my parents in South Africa. My Dad is very very poorly. And I was going to use the little bit of savings we’ve got to go there. But now we have to use it on the boiler. So this means I could go visit them...for the last two months every day, he’s just said to me, ‘please come and visit me’. I think he’s holding on for me to get there... 
I think I might surprise him...and just go over. I’m going to phone the embassy now and get permission to fly!


What tempted you to enter the Omaze Million Pound House Draw?


I just wanted to support The Prince’s Trust. I didn't think further than supporting them! There was a chap we got to know...busking in Exeter…and he happened to be able, through The Prince’s Trust, to get his CDs recorded. The little children that I looked after had life-limiting conditions and I used to play his music to them while we were doing physio. How amazing that this man...who possibly would never have been heard, has been supported by The Prince’s Trust. His music touched my little children’s lives.


Have you ever won anything like this before?


This never happens to us…but this just proves…obviously things happen at the right time don’t they…


Your Chance to Win

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