Teenage Cancer Trust - Jordan’s Story

When Jordan Ramsay was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, aged just 21, it turned her world upside down. Here, Jordan shares her story and explains why she is backing Teenage Cancer Trust’s partnership with the Omaze Marbella Superdraw.    

Jordan, now 22, from Aberdeen, was working in a nursery and had been battling with extreme fatigue for more than four years, as well as developing a lump behind her ear.  However, GPs weren’t concerned by her symptoms and even after she developed another lump on her neck doctors told her that it was a result of glandular fever.

Omaze Marbella Superdraw Teenage Cancer Trust - Jordan before her diagnosis It was only after Jordan saw a different doctor about her IBS that she was finally sent for tests.

Jordan said: “Just under two weeks later, I was asked to go in for the results. I knew that meant it was bad news, so I had prepared myself for the fact that it was cancer, but I still burst into tears when they confirmed I had thyroid cancer. I felt numb – my main concerns firstly were ‘will I die?’".

Jordan needed an operation to remove her thyroid and 74 cancerous lymph nodes, followed by radioactive treatment. 

She was introduced to Amanda, a Teenage Cancer Trust nurse who was able to provide information and support during her gruelling treatment. 

Omaze Marbella Superdraw Teenage Cancer Trust - Jordan during treatmentShe said: "I was in the same four walls and I couldn’t see anyone. I had to isolate at home for a further four weeks, so I was up in my room alone. I found myself struggling. I’d been so positive, but I felt like there was no reason for me to get up. 

I felt like my life was in limbo. I didn’t know how I’d get back to normal life and felt mentally drained.  Amanda was there for me – she suggested that I set myself little tasks for the day, even if it was just getting up, making the bed, washing my face and changing my clothes.”

Jordan added: "I’m grateful to have had Amanda’s support throughout my journey. I have no idea where I would be without her; she’s been a saviour and things would have been harder without her.

Read more about how Teenage Cancer Trust will use the money raised by the Marbella Superdraw here.

Jordan is now on maintenance medication to ensure the cancer doesn’t return, although the nature of her cancer means she will never be fully in remission and she still has an appointment pending that will reveal how likely it is her cancer will return.

Omaze Marbella Superdraw Teenage Cancer Trust - Jordan after treatmentJordan is now back at work and has begun fundraising to support Teenage Cancer Trust as thanks for their help and guidance. She seeks not just to raise money for the charity,  but also essential awareness. 

She said: “That’s why the partnership with Omaze is so important - as it will raise significant funds and widespread awareness for Teenage Cancer Trust. I’m absolutely thrilled they’ve teamed up again.” 

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