What is Global's Make Some Noise?

We’re excited to be able to introduce our charity partner for the Kent House Draw, so let’s make some noise for…Global’s Make Some Noise!

Global’s Make Some Noise supports incredible small charities around the UK who are improving the lives of vulnerable people in four main areas by providing: 

  • Shelter and Safety 
  • Support for Physical and Mental Health 
  • Isolation Prevention 
  • Improved Life Skills 

Millions of people rely on small charities for food, care, counselling, companionship, and survival. These are everyday people who might live on your street, in your community, or further away but are supported by small charities right across the UK.  

Global’s Make Some offers grants, training and support to small charities to help them deliver their vital work and to help them become more sustainable. Omaze Million Pound House Kent Draw - Global's Make Some Noise Charity two people holding hands in a gardenRight now there are many people across the UK living in crisis. Small charities are working hard in your community to support those who need it most, but they need your help. That’s why this year alone, Global’s Make Some Noise is supporting services at 100 small charities, including food banks, mental health and domestic violence helplines, carer support, community projects and employment programmes.  Omaze Million Pound House Kent Draw - Global's Make Some Noise Charity Girl in a yellow jumper holding a drum in the air Global’s Make Some Noise also gives small charities a voice by helping them raise awareness for some of the biggest issues facing our society. By working with Global, the Media & Entertainment Group, the charity amplifies the noise these local charities can make alone. It also offers a learning programme to help make the charities more sustainable. In short, Global’s Make Some Noise raises money, raises awareness, and raises the bar for small charities across the UK.  Omaze Million Pound House Kent Draw - Global's Make Some Noise Charity Four women laughing and singingWe’ve partnered with Make Some Noise because we share their belief that everyone deserves to feel safe, feel well, feel included and feel prepared.Omaze Million Pound House Kent Draw - Global's Make Some Noise Charity Young boy holding up a piece of paper with the word fun written on it Your entries in the Kent House Draw will raise essential funds to help small charities support those most in need. And you might win a £2,500,000 beachfront house with stunning panoramic views and its own outdoor kitchen, roof terrace and hot tub! It really is a win-win. Take a tour of the Kent House.

So, do something omazing…enter now and a new, luxury life could await you - all while giving back to your community.

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