What Costs Are Covered?

Winning a house is a life-changing event. If you’ve ever attempted to buy a property, you’ll know that it can often be a lengthy process with costs that reach far beyond your hard-saved deposit. So, you might be wondering how many of these costs are covered by Omaze in the Million Pound House Draw. Spoiler alert: it’s basically all of them. Let’s take a closer look.



A mortgage is a loan taken out to buy property or land. Most run for 25 years but the term can be shorter or longer. The loan is 'secured' against the value of your home until it's paid off. There’s no mortgage on our houses. The winner will own the house, free and clear. This means they could live in it and make it an incredible family home, rent it out and have an income for life, or, sell it and walk away a millionaire.


Stamp Duty

Stamp duty is a tax that is levied on single property purchases. We’ll cover stamp duty irrespective of the winner’s circumstances.



Conveyancing is the legal transfer of the deed of the house from one owner to another. We’ll cover all the conveyancing costs.


Legal Fees

There are always legal fees associated with purchasing a house. We’ll cover all reasonable legal fees.



In all our photos of our Million Pound Houses online, you’ll see luxury furniture and top-of-the-range appliances. For most of our draws, all the furniture and appliances are included. It's also worth noting that we throw in at £10,000* in cash to help the winner get settled.


Running Costs

The winner will be responsible for the costs associated with running the house once they become the owner. These include council tax, energy and water bills, and internet costs. Again, the winner will have at least £10,000* in cash to get them settled and might want to spend some of that cash on the running costs.


*please check the official rules for exact details. 

Your Chance to Win

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