Time to Yourself in Scotland

Open your eyes in the main bedroom of this Luxurious House in Scotland, worth over £3,500,000, and remember that, happily, today you have the whole place to yourself. Sink both feet into the softest, deep-pile, cream rug under your bed and walk to the sliding, veranda doors overlooking Gleneagles golf course. Draw them open and inhale the fresh air rolling in from the far reaches of the Cairngorms to the north, the Trossachs to the west and the North Sea to the east. Survey the rolling greenery before returning beneath your duvet to enjoy, from the warmth of your bed, a gentle breeze caressing your face. You’re in the heart of Scotland now.

Once dressed, brew yourself a strong coffee in this sleek, open-plan kitchen where everything has its place. A beautifully pale palette of Celadon green, fawn and ivory offers a calming start to the day. Perch on a blonde wood stool at the breakfast bar and enjoy the sound of swaying  trees outside and garden birds, as they move from branch to branch. 

In this sumptuous sanctuary, neverending windows invite Perthshire’s natural beauty into the key rooms of your home, lending them a grounded grandeur. Wood and stone throughout the house further honour the stunning landscapes beyond it, while a traditional antler chandelier is a nod to Scotland’s wild deer, who roam free in the distant mountains. 

Work up a sweat in your own private gym, complete with floor-to-ceiling windows and a flat screen TV. Then, head to the steam room. Hidden from the world, a glass door leads from a minimalist space of polished black stone to a mosaic-tiled, heated wetroom. Drop your head back onto its hot, curved backrest and gaze up to a ceiling of blue, pin-prick stars as your body unwinds in the steam.

Let the majesty of this impressively vaulted entertainment room hold you, as you empty your mind of all thoughts. Curl up in the corner of a brick-red velvet sofa, by a roaring fire housed in an imposing, two-story stone fireplace. It feels like you’ve spent the day in a luxury spa, only, this is home. 

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So do something omazing.


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