Thomas K. Wins £1,000

Thomas K. from Paisley is the latest winner of our £1,000 Weekly Cash Draw. We caught up with Thomas to find out how it feels to win.


So, how do you feel about winning £1,000 in cash?

Thank you so much… that’s fantastic! I’m absolutely delighted. Thank you very much!

How did you hear about the Omaze Million Pound House Draw? 

I’ve seen a few charity things on Facebook and this was one of them. I happened to come across it. It’s just something that I wanted to put money into given that 80% of the proceeds go to Teenage Cancer Trust. Even if I didn’t win anything, it was completely worth it.


Have you thought about what you would do if you did win the house? 

It is a beautiful house. I think I would maybe rent it out because I work in the centre of Scotland. I work with young people and it’s a job I really enjoy so I wouldn’t want to give that up.


What tempted you to enter?

It’s a fantastic house. But I know there’s a lot of people entering. I wasn’t expecting anything at all. So, this is a fantastic prize.


Had you heard about Teenage Cancer Trust before you entered?

Yes… having had someone in my family who had cancer, it’s something that’s quite close to me.

So, how are you going to spend the £1,000?

I am currently in the process of helping my sister move to a new house so I’ll put a little bit of money into helping her decorate. She’s a care worker who’s worked through COVID-19 so I think that she deserves some help. I’m starting university in October as well to do another degree. So, I think I’ll buy a new computer to help with my studies too.


Congratulations, Thomas!


You could be next!

Just like Thomas, we’re offering you the opportunity to win a house in Cheshire worth £1,000,000 and over 2,000 additional prizes. And the best bit? You’ll be supporting frontline nurses and support teams at Teenage Cancer Trust at a time when help is needed more than ever. So, don't delay, Enter now.

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