What Happens if You Win the Cotswolds House?

Front elevation

For a lot of us, Friday evenings are spent in comfy clothes, sitting in front of the TV with our takeaway of choice. If we’re feeling adventurous after a long week, we may venture out for dinner and drinks with friends or family. But one thing most of us won’t be doing, is opening the front door to the Omaze team to hear the news that we’ve won this £3,500,000 Cotswolds House. But for one lucky Omaze Cotswolds House Draw entrant, that is exactly what they’ll be doing on Friday 30th June.

And after the initial shock has worn off, you’ve called your nearest and dearest to share the news, and your neighbours have finally returned to their sofas, the reality will set in. The questions will start swirling and you’ll be left with one overriding thought — what’s next? 

Well, actually, that’s one of the best parts. Because whether you want to move in, rent out, or sell up, the choice is all yours. And, let’s face it—whatever choice you make is sure to set you up for one incredible future!  

So, let’s take a look at how each option works for this luxurious house set in the idyllic Cotswolds landscape.


Move In

Ever wondered what owning your own countryside retreat would look like? Dining alfresco in springtime, summer holiday spent in the heated outdoor pool, autumn evenings by the fire and winter nights cuddled up in the cosy snug. If you’re after a house that transcends traditional seasonality, here are the ways we help make that dream a reality: 
  • Forget stamp duty or mortgage repayments—we have all that covered.
  • Furnished with £140,000 of hand-picked pieces, you’re all ready to move right on in.
  • And we’ll even provide £100,000 in cash to put towards those personal touches or to help with any running costs along the way.

We estimate the average monthly running costs of the Cotswolds House to be £1,050 a month. 

So whether it’s paddling in the pool, working out in the gym, or exploring the rolling green hills all around, the Cotswolds is the place to be — spring to summer, autumn to winter.


Rent Out

If moving house isn’t on the cards for you, leasing out a luxury pad in the largest area of outstanding natural beauty in the country is an incredible, and lucrative, alternative. In fact, the estimated long-term rental income of this house is around £10,000 per month.

And with the calendar under your control, you have first dibs on any staycations for you, your family and your friends. Getting them to leave, however, might be a tough ask.


Sell Up  

If your house is already a home, and the rental market isn’t a path you want to take, selling up and banking the cash is another way to go. Ever imagined what £3,500,000 in the bank would look like? Whether it means financial independence, a nest-egg for your family, or even the opportunity to splurge on those you love (including yourself, of course), selling this impressive house in the Cotswold could be the way to make all that happen.   

Move in. Rent out. Sell up. Whatever you decide, with this luxury house in the Cotswolds you can’t go wrong. 

And, don’t forget—just by entering the Cotswolds House Draw you’ll be supporting the NSPCC to protect children, prevent abuse and neglect, and give expert support to help those in recovery.

So, enter the Cotswolds House Draw now for your chance to escape to the countryside and join the fight to save every childhood.

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