What Happens if You Win The London House?

It could be you who discovers your Entry Code is a winning match to this Luxury House in London, worth over £5,000,000. It could be you who can’t believe that you really are the Grand Prize Winner of our Biggest Prize Draw Ever. And it could be you who has the dream choice of whether to move into this spectacular, four bedroom house in the heart of East London’s chic Victoria Park village, rent it out or sell up and cash in. 

Whatever the winner decides, we’ll also give them £250,000 in cash to make life as comfortable as possible while they work it out, so they can rest easy in the elation of their life-changing win. So, let’s look at how each option would work for the London House:    

Move In

The London House offers the chance to live in this extraordinary former Victorian warehouse, transformed by award-winning architects into an uplifting, luxury residence complete with a triple height glass atrium gym, spa and bar. Nestled in an enclave of East London’s Victoria Park Village, this contemporary house is surrounded by the fashionable eateries, independent boutiques and creative communities that led Vogue to name Hackney one of the coolest neighbourhoods in the world. We want our lucky Grand Prize Winner’s move here to be as smooth and enjoyable as possible, so they’re free to start living thier best London life as soon as they arrive.

And here’s how we help make that possible:

  • Forget stamp duty or mortgage repayments—we have it all covered.
  • Furnished with £160,000 of our interior designer’s favourite pieces, it's ready to live in from the moment they arrive.
  • We’re also giving the London House Winner £250,000 in cash to help them settle in. 

We’ve listed the estimated running costs for the London House as accurately as possible below, with an approximate overall running cost of roughly £1035 per month (as of May 2024) based on:

  • Gas: £200 per month.
  • Electricity: £500 per month.
  • Water: £80 per month.
  • Council tax: £157 per month.
  • Broadband: £65 per month.
  • Gate Access: £33 per month
  • There are optional extras, such as cleaners and gardeners, which would be around an additional £700 per month, should the winner choose them.

    Rent Out

    Perhaps you already love where you live and want to stay there. In which case, renting out the London House could be a perfect alternative. The estimated long-term rental income of this house is £12,000 per month, opening the doors to all kinds of elevated lifestyle choices. 

    Sell Up  

    However, if a rental income doesn’t appeal to you, selling up may be the best option. Whether it means financial freedom, a nest egg for your family members, or perhaps the chance to begin again elsewhere, selling the £5,000,000 London House, our Biggest Grand Prize Ever, could be the best way to realise your dream life. 

    Move in. Rent out. Sell up. When it comes to this Luxury House in London, it’s win; win whatever you decide. 

    And, remember - just by entering the London House Draw, you’ll be supporting London’s Air Ambulance Charity’s urgent appeal to fund two life-saving helicopters to keep saving lives across the capital when every second counts.

    So, why wait? 

    Enter the London House Draw now.