What Happens When You Win an Omaze House?

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You’re sitting at home—it’s a Friday afternoon and you’ve just boiled the kettle ready to settle in for a cosy winter night. But just as you go to switch on the TV, you hear a knock at the door. Remote tossed aside and slippers returned to feet, you head to investigate. And as the latch unlocks, the handle turns and the door slowly swings ajar… you’re greeted by an overwhelming roar of cheering and applause. The Omaze team are standing just metres away and they reveal that you are the lucky winner of the Omaze London House Draw.

Once you’ve caught your breath, perhaps squealed with joy and maybe even shed a few tears, you’re likely to have one super exciting question—what’s next? 

Well, actually, that’s one of the best parts. Because whether you want to move in, rent out, or sell up, the choice is all yours. And, let’s face it—whatever choice you make is sure to set you up for one omazing future!  

So, let’s take a look at how each option works for this beautiful town house set just a stone’s throw away from central London. 

Move In

Have you considered what it would be like to live on the doorstep of one of the world’s busiest and most diverse cities? To be a part of its rich history? To be embraced by its towering skyscrapers and picture-perfect parks alike? If moving to the big city sounds like your dream, here are the ways we help make that dream a reality: 

  • Forget stamp duty or mortgage repayments—we have all that covered.
  • Furnished with £170,000 of hand-picked pieces, you’re all ready to move right on in.
  • And we’ll even provide £100,000 to put towards those personal touches or to help with any running costs along the way.

We estimate the average monthly running costs of the London House to be £700 a month. 

So whether you prefer Sunday strolls around Victorian parks, or exploring the bright lights of one of the world’s most picture-perfect cities, London living really does have it all.

Rent Out

If moving house isn’t on the cards for you, leasing out a city pad in the heart of London could be a smart move. A conservative estimate of the rental income of this house is £7,000 to £8,000 per month, providing you with a passive income that’s truly life-changing.  

Short-term lets are also on the table, allowing you access to the best of both worlds: 

  • A city-chic getaway location available to you on on-demand
  • And a holiday home hotspot

The best news? With London’s year-round seasonality, you can keep your rental income consistent from summer through winter.

Sell Up  

If your house is already a home, and the rental market isn’t a path you want to take, selling up and banking the cash is another way to go. Have you imagined what you would do with £3,000,000 in the bank? Whether it means financial independence, a nest-egg for your family, or even the opportunity to splurge on those you love (including yourself, of course), selling this London town house could be the way to make all that happen.   

Move in. Rent out. Sell up. Whatever you decide, with this beautiful London town house you can’t go wrong. 

And, don’t forget—just by entering the London House Draw you’ll be supporting British Heart Foundation to continue their pioneering research into life-saving educational, medical, and technological breakthroughs.  

Enter the London House Draw now for your chance to turn your dreams into reality, and help keep thousands of hearts beating whilst you’re at it.

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