What is British Heart Foundation?

Working with great charity partners is a big deal to the team here at Omaze. So when you helped us reach our first £1,000,000 donation for British Heart Foundation back in April 2021, we knew this incredible charity resonated with you just as much as it did with us.

20 months on and we’re so excited to be teaming up once again with British Heart Foundation. And we’re beyond thrilled to unveil another beautiful London House Draw as the Grand Prize.
Heart and circulatory diseases are the world's biggest killers, and in the UK someone loses their life to them every three minutes.

Right now, for the millions of people affected by heart and circulatory diseases, British Heart Foundation offers hope for the future.

Established over 60 years ago, British Heart Foundation has worked tirelessly towards its vision for a world free from the fear of heart and circulatory diseases. Now, with heart healing patches and stem cell coated plasters, potential cures for inherited heart muscle diseases and drugs that could one day tackle vascular dementia, they are moving ever-closer to their goal. 

But to continue making those huge leaps, they need donations that allow them to: 

  • Fund lifesaving research 
  • Break new ground in science 
  • And find treatments and cures that could be the difference between life and death for your parents, siblings and friends.

Dr Paschalaki
British Heart Foundation was proud to partner with Omaze during 2020/21 through the height of the coronavirus pandemic. The campaign raised a phenomenal £1,000,000, funding urgent research into heart and circulatory diseases during an uncertain time. 

Your support helped to ensure incredible research projects continued to make progress, like Professor Paul R Kalra’s study which looked at the long term effects of intravenous iron treatment in people with heart failure and low iron. Close to one million people are living with heart failure in the UK and up to half also have low iron levels. Having low iron has been linked to having worse symptoms and a greater risk of hospitalisation and death. Professor Kalra’s team has since found that iron infusions can help to reduce risk of hospitalisation due to heart failure and dying from a heart-related cause in this group. Research like this is crucial, bringing hope to countless families and loved ones across the UK.
Dr Charmaine Griffiths
“We are absolutely delighted to join forces with Omaze once again. Despite phenomenal progress in research over the last 60 years, heart and circulatory diseases - including heart attack and stroke - kill one in four people in the UK and are the world’s biggest killers. The money raised will help British Heart Foundation to fund more research to save and improve the lives of all of those affected by heart and circulatory diseases in the UK.”

Dr Charmaine Griffiths, Chief Executive at British Heart Foundation

So, if you’re excited by the chance to win a beautiful London town house, and £100,000 in cash, all while supporting British Heart Foundation, enter now and do something omazing. 


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