Who is Freya at Omaze?

We might be biassed, but we happen to think the team here at Omaze are pretty incredible. 

Because bringing you wow-worthy houses time after time really does take an army of behind-the-scenes-superheroes.

But not all superheroes lurk in the shadows. In fact, some are just born to find the camera flash. Who are we talking about exactly? Well only our awesome Omaze presenting team, of course. 

And next up on our meet the team series is our social queen, housing hotshot and all-round multi-talented mogul: Freya Melling. 

We sat down with Freya to understand a little more about her journey so far, what an average day looks like and even answer some of the questions our community have been itching to ask ‘the woman from Omaze’. 

So if you’re ready, let’s get social!

Freya Melling

Freya, let’s kick off where all the best stories start — the beginning…  

I grew up in Worcester, in the countryside with my family. I loved our walks over the Malvern Hills with our dog and a family roast on a Sunday. School was great because I had the most amazing friends. You’d either catch me in the art or drama department for sure. 

I danced from the age of two and have never stopped loving it. I used to train long evenings after school and weekends, which was so worth it when I could perform in pantos and travel around the country to compete. 

At 16, I went to a performing college in Birmingham to study dance and A-Level media, which is where I got to experience the other things I do now with property and marketing. I danced at the Birmingham International Dance Festival, the Birmingham Hippodrome performing curtain raisers for Matthew Bourne and toured with a contemporary company.

I then went on to train at Laine Theater Arts in Musical Theatre, which gave me so much knowledge and discipline and so many amazing memories! Alongside training, I was a children’s entertainer on the weekends, dressing up as Elsa, Rapunzel, all the rest and even, occasionally, some cool superheroes…they were my favourite!

After graduating, I had a great taste of the performing industry…before Covid hit. Over the pandemic I found a new passion in real estate and presenting, so ended up meandering into that too!Who is Freya Wow, what a journey — you’ve done so much already and you’re only 25! And even now, you keep yourself pretty busy, right? Talk us through what you have going on day to day…

I’m the Managing Director of Fine & Country Pall Mall, which entails brokering properties in the upper quartile, so the majority of my day will be made up with client meetings, marketing and managing the area.

I also teach dance and musical theatre at a performing school in North London, to some really amazing, hard working kids. Some are even little stars in the West End and on TV. 

Some weeks I’ll have a dance and modelling gig, which spices things up; they're super fun! 

On more of a chilled week, you’ll usually catch me in my favourite coffee shop enjoying my morning coffee or behind the counter picking up a shift serving the lovely people of North London a nice latte, with very fancy latte art, I must add.

Okay, so you’re a serious boss lady! Any advice for other budding bosses out there?

My advice would be to do everything you possibly can that makes you feel inspired. Fully immerse yourself in life as the outcome will either be a great experience, a lesson learnt or an opportunity to thrive. 

I’m so thankful for the risks I’ve taken; for putting myself in uncomfortable situations, going in full throttle and coming out the other side better for it. 

Who is Freya at Omaze?
Great advice. So, in terms of ‘just going for it’, what is it that’s made Omaze worth going for (and sticking with)? 

The number one best thing is that every single person I've met at Omaze is just an absolute gem.

And the second one, to state the obvious, is  getting to go to all of the cool houses — oh my days… it's incredible! As much as I love seeing the London houses with Fine and Country, I adore travelling and seeing the UK with Omaze.

Amazing! And have there been any charities we’ve worked with so far that have really hit home for you?

The work you have done with Alzheimer’s Research UK and Cancer Research UK means a lot to me, personally, as I have lost family members to both of these illnesses. 

Charity work is something really close to my heart and has always been a big part of my life — from performing at charity shows and galas, to volunteering at food banks, making appearances for poorly children at hospitals and taking part in as many sponsored runs and events as possible.

I feel so grateful to be part of the Omaze team with how much they do for each of their chosen charities. 

Two very worthy causes for sure. But, what about the houses — any standouts?

I would keep the London II House for sure — it's incredible, my absolute dream.

But the Cornwall II House is my favourite — I love the architecture and the beautiful views.

Freya in Cornwall

Ok, so we now know a few of your favourites, but our Omaze community has a few favourites when it comes to your wardrobe — care to share your secrets?

I love a thrift shop — I find a few gems every now and then. 

Zara and Mango are so trusty for seasonal favourites, but I’m all about sustainable and independent brands like House of Sunny, SLA the label and Pangaia.

I used to be really into making my own clothes and costumes. I would draw funky designs and make them with my sewing machine, but you absolutely wouldn’t catch me in them in an Omaze video!

Ok fabulous Freya, I think it’s time for some quick fire questions; ready? 

Night or morning person?

Night owl.

City or beach break?

Beach break as it’s nice to escape the mayhem of the City.

History or art museum? 


Coffee or tea? 

Coffee, of course!

Cats or dogs? 

Dogs all the way. No hate for the kitties though.

Sweet or savoury? 

Savoury… keeps the dentist happy.

Well, Freya, that’s a wrap! We’ll see you on socials soon! 

Who is Freya at Omaze?

We hope you loved catching up with Freya just as much as we did — what a life, hey?

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