How Do I Know If I've Won?

So, you’ve entered the Omaze Million Pound House Draw to help us raise money for an incredible charity. You know you have the opportunity to win a Million Pound House and over 2,000 additional prizes. But how do you know if you’ve won? Let’s take a look at what happens when you win a prize.


Winner Checklist

Every Friday at 5pm:

  • Find your Entry Code in Your Account or confirmation email
  • Check against the Winning Entry Code on Our Winners page
  • Check your email to see if we've contacted you

    The Full Process

    The good news is, when you buy entries into the Omaze Million Pound House Draw, you’re not only in with the chance to win a Million Pound House, there are lots of opportunities to win prizes in the run-up to the Grand Prize Draw. There are spectacular Early Bird Prizes and we’re giving away £1,000 cash every week. The bad news is... just kidding. There's no bad news.


    Buying Entries

    For example, £10 will buy you 15 entries to win the house, 15 entries into all the remaining Early Bird Prize Draws, and 15 entries every week into the £1,000 Weekly Cash Draw. You can also enter the draw by post. Your postcard will count for one entry and is treated the same as all the online entries for the purpose of selecting a winner. 

    “I was more than happy that the money was going to charity. I didn't expect to win anything!”

    Ben A. from Salisbury

    Entry Deadlines

    Each prize has a deadline, so if you have your eye on a particular Early Bird Prize, you need to make sure you enter the draw before that deadline. All the deadlines can be found on Our Early Bird Prizes page. Once you have your entries for the Omaze Million Pound House Draw, you’re automatically entered into all the draws for the whole competition: that's all the Early Bird Prize Draws and the £1,000 Weekly Cash Draw. So, it’s much better to get in early because it gives you more chances to win. And remember, even if you win an Early Bird Prize or £1,000 in cash, you’re still in to win the Million Pound House. 


    I’m very excited to still be able to win the House!”

    David P - Newcastle


    Entry Code

    When you buy entries to the Omaze Million Pound House Draw, that purchase is automatically assigned an Entry Code. It’s a 13 digit unique number that links to your transaction. Your unique Entry Code is logged into our system. The more entries you buy, the more times it's logged. Using the example above, if you spend £10 to buy 15 entries, your Entry Code will be logged 15 times, increasing the chance of it being drawn for a prize.

    You can find your Entry Code in your purchase confirmation email or in Your Account next to your purchase details. If you didn’t set up an account at the checkout, simply click here and then click ‘create account’. You just need to make sure you use the same email address as you did when you bought your entries. If you don’t want to set up an account, you don’t have to as we always contact our winners directly by email.


    Drawing a Winner

    After the deadline, Civica Independent Scrutineers randomly select the winning Entry Code from all the entries and let us know what it is.


    Winner Announcement

    When we're given the Winning Entry Code every Friday, we do three things:

    • We email the winner directly
    • We publish the winning Entry Code on Our Winners page
    • We share the winning Entry Code on our social media platforms

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