Cancel Out Cruelty - RSPCA


Watch the RSPCA team’s plea to help Cancel Out Cruelty to innocent animals, in an emotional video about their heartbreaking work. 

*This video contains accounts of animal cruelty that some viewers may find upsetting*


“The ones you rescue and rehome spur you on” says one inspector. But tragically, for some animals it is simply too late. Some pets have been so badly treated and hurt that by the time the RSPCA reaches them, the only option is to support them with end-of-life care.  Together we can help Cancel Out Cruelty this summer by raising vital funds for the RSPCA to increase its capacity to respond to calls and rescue more animals in need of love and protection.

The team’s distressing stories of animals living in fear of being beaten, starved and even killed, tell us how essential the RSPCA’s work really is. Together, we can help the world’s oldest  animal welfare charity to rehabilitate and rehome more vulnerable creatures and give them good lives. 

Enter into the Cotswolds House Draw and help raise money to support the RSPCA in creating a world where all animals are treated with the respect, kindness and compassion they deserve. 

So don’t delay, do something omazing today!

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