Meet the Cotswolds House Draw Winners

We’re thrilled to announce that Will Satherley, from Cardiff, has won the Omaze Million Pound House Draw, Cotswolds — a luxurious house worth £3,500,000, with £100,000 in cash!

Will and his wife, Carrie, couldn’t believe it when Jo and the team descended on their doorstep to announce that Will’s entry into the Cotswolds House Draw had in fact bagged him the multi-million pound Grand Prize. “It’s a dream come true. We both work in finance so we’re not used to this level of excitement. I can’t even believe what’s happening,” Will said.

Having had a few days to take in the news, when visiting his new house Will explained how, “You don’t have to be good with numbers to know that £35 to £3,500,000 is a pretty good return! The best thing we’d ever won as a family before this was six fairy cakes in a pub quiz in Machynlleth North Wales, this definitely tops that - it’s a life-changing win for all our family.”

After visiting their new house for the very first time, Will said “It’s amazing. The kids will absolutely love it.” And upon seeing their new heated outdoor pool, Carrie added, “Oh, they’ll be straight in there.”

Your entries into the Cotswolds House Draw also helped raise our largest charity donation ever: an amazing £2,150,000 for the NSPCC. 

This latest donation will help fund the NSPCC’s Speak out Stay safe programme—a school-based initiative that teaches children about abuse and empowers them to speak out if anything is wrong. 

Sir Peter Wanless, Chief Executive at the NSPCC said, 

“Working at the NSPCC, every day is different, but it’s not often I get to stand in a stunning house to be told that we have raised £2,150,000!

The funding from this partnership will go towards our Speak out. Stay safe programme, which teaches children that they have the right to be safe and empower them to recognise the signs of abuse and bullying. The amount raised through this draw will enable us to reach over 700,000 children to educate them about how abuse is never a child’s fault. Being able to work with even more schools and get this message across at a young age can enable children to feel confident in coming forward with concerns and even prevent abuse from happening.   

This is the second time we have partnered with Omaze, bringing the total raised by the partnership to £3,150,000. Every single ticket purchased went towards this fantastic amount raised and, on behalf of us all at the NSPCC, I’d like to thank those who took part in this draw and everyone at Omaze.”

That’s what happens when you do something omazing. For your chance to win big and give back, enter our live draws now.

Meet the Cotswolds House Draw Early Bird Winners

Did you know that the earlier you enter the Omaze Million Pound House Draw, the more prizes you have the chance to win? 

Now the Cotswolds House Draw has come to a close, it’s time to take a look back at the lucky winners of our four incredible early bird prizes! 

Andrea from London won a Land Rover Defender

Andrea said: “It is unbelievable. I never win anything! The last three years have been very difficult and this is just a wonderful surprise.” 

Maudy from East Sussex won £250,000 in cash
Maudy said: “It will be changing my life in a way that you will never realise!” 

Sue from Aberdare won a Mercedes SL Convertible

Sue said: "First I was shocked & very disbelieving. I don't think I have really assimilated the enormity of winning. Thank you Omaze."  

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