What Happens When You Win an Omaze House?

Cornwall House Dusk

What does the best Friday night look like for you? Perhaps it’s a film and takeaway. Possibly some drinks with friends at a local bar. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s the Omaze team knocking on your door to reveal that you are the lucky winner of the Cornwall House Draw. Now that would be a Friday night you wouldn’t soon forget. Because that would be the night your life changed forever.

How would you feel? Tearful? Speechless? Overcome with joy? It’s tough to say how anyone would react to such overwhelming news. But one thing we do know is, when that news finally sinks in, the lucky winner is going to have one big question — what’s next? 

Well, actually, that’s one of the best parts. Because whether you want to move in, rent out, or sell up, the choice is all yours. And, let’s face it—whatever choice you make is sure to set you up for one omazing future!  

So, let’s take a look at how each option works for this outstanding waterfront house set on the idyllic River Fowey.


Move In

Ever thought about what coastal Cornish life would look like? White sandy beaches, stunning cliff hikes and water sports a-plenty. Or if it’s the finer things in life you’re after, you needn’t look far for boutique shopping experiences, mouth-watering afternoon teas with local delicacies and some of the top spa destinations
in the UK.

So if moving to the coast sounds like an idea that floats your boat, here are the ways we help make that dream a reality: 

  • Forget stamp duty or mortgage repayments—we have all that covered.
  • Furnished with £180,000 of hand-picked pieces, you’re all ready to move right on in.
  • And we’ll even provide £100,000 to put towards those personal touches or to help with any running costs along the way.

We estimate the average monthly running costs of the Cornwall House to be £1,500 a month. 

So whether you prefer to soak in the sun, sail out to sea, or sightsee the surrounding area, Cornwall certainly has enough to keep you busy all year round.


Rent Out

If moving house isn’t on the cards for you, leasing out a luxury pad in one of the most desirable waterfront locations in the country isn’t a bad idea. In fact, a conservative estimate of the long-term rental income of this house is between £5,000 to £7,000 per month.

Short-term lets are also on the table, with local estate agents estimating up to £14,000 a week during peak holiday season.


Sell Up  

If your house is already a home, and the rental market isn’t a path you want to take, selling up and banking the cash is another way to go. Ever imagined what £4,500,000 in the bank would look like? Whether it means financial independence, a nest-egg for your family, or even the opportunity to splurge on those you love (including yourself, of course), selling this waterfront oasis in Cornwall could be the way to make all that happen.   

Move in. Rent out. Sell up. Whatever you decide, with this outstanding house in Cornwall you can’t go wrong. 

And, don’t forget—just by entering the Cornwall House Draw you’ll be supporting Marie Curie to continue providing end of life care and support to over 40,000 people each year.

So enter the Cornwall House Draw now for your chance to turn your dreams into reality, and help ensure everyone gets the best experience possible at the end of their lives.


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