£500 Flash Draw Winners

On 10th September 2020, we gave away ten £500 Cash Prizes to ten new winners. Incredibly, one lucky entrant won two of the prizes. Ali A. from London entered the Flash Draw twice and won both times. This is the first time that one of our entrants has won twice, which makes it all the more exciting! One prize has not been claimed and will be redrawn next week, so if you entered the Flash Draw, keep your eyes peeled. It could be you! In the meantime, let's hear from our winners. 


1. Sarah H. from London

Sarah H. won £500 in cash. Sarah said, "I feel very blessed to win this money, especially in this time. I am from Manchester originally. I left to go to uni, met the love of my life and unfortunately got breast cancer twice, so I've had a few losses but gained a precious baby girl and one on the way. We are in a flat at the moment and this house would just complete our happily forever after. I will spend my cash prize on getting my eyebrows done, which unfortunately have not grown back since my previous cancer, so I won't have to keep drawing them on everyday now. Thank you."


2. & 3. Ali A. from London

Ali A. from London won 2x £500 Cash Prizes. Ali said, "It's the first time I've ever won something like this so I'm ecstatic, and what made me enter was the fact that I have the ability to be able to help someone in need. It's all for a fantastic cause so it's really a win-win situation. I'll be spending the money on some more tickets... imagine winning the big one! And I'll be helping out again in the process. 

I hadn't heard of this specific charity before, only coming across it by chance on Facebook. Everything happens for a reason. Amazing bunch of people!"


4. Lorna W. from Suffolk

Lorna won £500 in cash. Lorna said, "I'm surprised and happy to win. I didn't expect to! I entered the draw as it seems a great way to raise funds for charity - especially now - and Teenage Cancer Trust do so much good. I will put my winnings towards a holiday next year hopefully. Not sure what I would do if I won the house - that would be more than a dream come true!"


5. Emma D. from Surrey

Emma won £500 in cash. Emma said, "It was an easy competition to enter for me as it's for a charity that means a lot! I am  part of a heavy metal truants team that rides from London to Derby on our bikes annually for Teenage Cancer Trust. I will spend my winnings on my family. It's been a tough lockdown. If I won the house I'd sell it and donate half the proceeds back to the charity".


6. Rishi S. from Nottingham

Rishi won £500 in cash. Rishi said, "This is omazing! It was completely unexpected. I never win anything like this so couldn't believe it when I got the email! I saw an advert on TV and thought, I could do with a million pound house, why not enter... you never know. It's just a bit of fun, and to win £500 out of it was just a massive bonus! I think I'll just spend my winnings on friends and family, and possibly buy another ticket to win the big million pound house. The main reason I entered was that I knew some of it was contributing towards such a great cause."


7. Helen M. from Stockport 

Helen M. from Stockport won £500 in cash. Helen said, "I am so happy. I never win anything! Wow... what a fab surprise."


8. Rita C. from Kent 

Rita C. from Kent won £500 in cash. Rita said, "I am so pleased to have won, I never expected to win anything. I got a ticket to support the amazing charity. Winning is just fantastic but if I can help someone through the charity by entering then I'm winning anyway. I am thrilled to win the prize. I entered Omaze Million Pound House Draw as I would love a house big enough for all of my family, and all at the same time as helping a wonderful charity. My granddaughter, Imogen, has a rare genetic condition and if we all lived together we could support each other as a family. With my winnings, I'll treat my grandchildren." 


9. Keith H. from Manchester

Keith H. from Manchester won £500 in cash. Keith said, "I feel so so so happy. Thank you very much! It would be wonderful to win the house, but I also read about the good work Teenage Cancer Trust do. So I will keep supporting them. My wife has just been made redundant recently, and I could be soon with these uncertain times. But we are going away soon and this will help with the spends etc. I think if we won the house we would like to live in a million pound house for a year or two, and then maybe sell."


10. Prize Unclaimed

And don't forget, we'll be redrawing the unclaimed £500 Cash Prize next week, so watch this space. If you entered the Flash Draw, you could be joining our winners. 


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