Soraya P. Wins £1,000

Soraya P. from Staffordshire is this week’s winner of our £1,000 Weekly Cash Draw. We caught up with Soraya to find out how it feels to win.


So, how do you feel about winning £1,000 in cash?

That's amazing! That's so amazing. Thank you so much. I knew there was the Million Pound House. I didn't know that there was a £1,000 Cash Draw so I was really shocked when I got your message. It's really lovely. It's amazing.


There are also bigger Early Bird Prizes like a Tesla at the end of the month and you're still entered to win everything that's coming up including the house as well. Have you thought about what you would do if you did win the house?

The house is right by my grandma's house, so I'd probably live there and make it a family home. That would be a dream come true.


How did you hear about The Omaze Million Pound House Draw? 

I saw it online and I saw it was for Teenage Cancer Trust. So I just thought well, I'm always happy to donate if it's going to charity so I didn't really expect to win anything.


What tempted you to enter?

Teenage Cancer Trust. I was happy that the money was going to support a good cause. I wasn't expecting to win anything. So, that came as a really nice surprise. I'm really happy.


Had you heard about Teenage Cancer Trust before you entered?

Yeah. I have and I always have donated if I've ever seen anything like that. I also had a friend who was affected by cancer so I always donate if anything like that comes up but I wasn't expecting to win anything. I never win anything. It was a really lovely surprise. It was a bit of a shock.


So, how are you going to spend the £1,000?

I do nursing. I've just come towards the end of my nursing course. It will really help getting started with my nursing career. I was thinking of going abroad to Africa to do some nursing over there for a couple of months, so this will really help.


Congratulations, Soraya!


You could be next!

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